Another Color Option For Pinky-Beige

February 2, 2014



This post was originally published in February 2012 and it was one of my highest read blogs ever. I thought I would dust it off a little and print again in case you missed it the first time around:

A reader wrote me a question the other day and asked, “What if you were trying to tone down pink undertones in a pink-beige tiled bathroom? Would you still want to use a pink undertone beige if you didn’t want a “pink” bath?”



I thought it was an excellent question and I actually am hearing the same question more and more often. The average homeowner just does not have the expendable money right now for big purchases, like flooring, so we will have to keep our pinky beige tiles/carpet/furniture for now. So what other color works great with pinky beige?



Beautiful neutral blue.



Blue and pink/red beige work beautifully together:



So my advice to you would be if you are working with pink/red beige undertones in flooring/walls/furniture/bedding and want to bring another color in the room besides beige, I suggest trying a shade of blue.



Look at how nice the blue on the TV screen looks in an all beige room:



We know the combination of brown and blue work so well:





And we know brown has a lot of red undertones. So it makes sense that a pinky/red beige with red undertones will also work beautifully with the blues:



What shade of blue do I suggest to work with pink/red undertone beige? I took a few photos below of different blues against Benjamin Moore Shaker Beige (red undertones):




You can see that many of the different shades of blue are working well with the pinky beige. One of my favorite blues I have used with Shaker Beige is Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue:


So pretty!

You can introduce blue accents with pillows, rugs and wall art. These less expensive pieces can easily change with decorating trends. Or you can change your whole room’s look by painting your walls (or ceiling) a pretty blue:



What do you think? Do you agree that blue and pinky beige work great together?

If you need help selecting colors for your home, contact me today.


  1. This post is timely as I am tninking about painting my bathroom walls. Here is the story:

    We are in a condo in Florida and the entire house is tiled. It is a large format tile (20 x 20) with subtle swirls of color…very muted with wheat gold being the overall impression. I like it on the floor, however, the same tile in a different size is applied to the vertical surfaces in the bathroom and the soft gold suddenly becomes quite pink! This is barely perceptible when the tile is viewed horizontally. sigh.

    The bath and adjoining bedroom are painted a deeper shade of the wheat gold. Looks great in the bedroom but not so much in the bath. I have blue accents in the bedroom and, in fact, the tray ceiling is painted pale blue and both rooms have white decorative molding.

    Should I paint the bathroom white? Warm white? Or should I go with blue? If so, how saturated? I am afraid the same blue I have on the ceiling in the bedroom will come off much too light. If I had the money, I would replace all the wall tile with white…sadly, that is not in the cards at this time and I have to work with it.

    Thanks so much for your blog. I always learn something from each post!

  2. Yep, I’m kicking myself because I already knew this, but I stuck with Killim beige in a bathroom with a pink tub in a rental. It was my chance to bring in color, & I forgot!

  3. The pinky beige carpet in this living room has not been repeated in the decorating (and I think it should be) it looks a little like it’s being ignored right now but it still looks good with the blue furniture and dark walls).

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