Amazing Alaskan Adventure

August 18, 2018

Are you wondering how I was fortunate enough to take a dream vacation to Alaska? It is all thanks to my Mom and Dad. It was supposed to be their 60th wedding anniversary present to each other last year but my Dad passed away a couple months before the trip was taken, so my Mom invited my sisters and I to go in memory of him. The trip was fourteen days- seven days relaxing on a cruise ship and then spending seven days in the wild,(kind of wild- not as luxurious as the cruise, haha). Here is a photo of me, my Mom and sisters in Juneau Bay:

I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos from our trip for those thinking of taking the trip to Alaska.  Glacier Bay was breathtaking:

glacer b

The water was a beautiful turquoise color. Just like in the Caribbean.

glacier bay mts.

It was so quiet and peaceful there.

glacier bay

glacier bay3

glacier bay2

We also went to Denali National Park. 62 million acres of wilderness:


Can you see the mother grizzly bear and two cubs in the middle of picture below?:


These animal photos show the actual distance from where we were standing. We saw a few Caribou, (which are the same thing as a reindeer! I did not know that.):


river end of summer


In the park, there is an Alaskan Veterans Memorial Visitor Center:


It was a beautiful and moving tribute. No one was speaking or making a sound, it was so quiet and serene.

Me in Denali:

me Denali


Did you know Mount Denali was the mountain formerly known as Mount McKinley?  On Aug. 30, 2015, during a trip to Alaska, President Obama said the name of the state’s 20,237-foot (6,168 meters) mountain would officially be changed to Denali, which is what many Alaskans have called the peak all along. It is the highest point in North America.

It was an average of 50 degrees every day in the park and windy!:

denali sisters

Don’t we look cold? haha My Mom stayed in the bus for this one!

The pictures do not show just how breathtakingly beautiful it was in Alaska. God’s beautiful color palettes. Have you ever visited Alaska? If you plan on going in the future, email me and I would love to give you some tips from my experience. A really cool website I found out about is // You can watch live brown bears at Brooks Falls in Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve. Every summer, the brown bears of Katmai flock to Brooks Falls to hunt the sockeye salmon fighting their way upstream to spawn. Word of caution- very addictive watching!

Be back later this week with more decorating hints,  color tips and inspiration ideas. Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hi Kelly, Looks like a wonderful vacation you shared with family , so very special! You look great and so happy too, miss you

  2. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photo’s Kelly) My husband and I took a seven day cruise to Alaska upon his retirement, and had a wonderful time there. We are fortunate to live in the PNW so it was not a long haul for us:) I hope your upcoming move goes smoothly.

  3. First of all, I’m sorry to hear that your dad passed away! However, what a wonderful trip for your mom and the rest of your sisters. Magical memories I’m sure!

  4. Thanks for sharing Kelly glad you had a good time.I work on a fishing boat for a month in Alaska …..flew in flew out.Miss it a lot.

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