Amazing Air Plants

May 2, 2018

When I visited the Maine Home & Garden Show in Portland last month, my favorite find was this beautiful air plant:

air plant

I had heard of air plants, but wasn’t really sure what they were. I bought it with the sea urchin shell on, (it hides the roots) and thought it was so pretty and unique. Little did I know that it would bloom with flowers:


I was so excited! The best part is that the plant only needs sprayed twice a week.

air plant4

I was told not to put in direct sunlight and it just seems to love it’s new home:

air plant5

I looked online and found this set if you were interested in trying them out:

air plant sale


I am not sure of the names of all the plants, but I do know that air plants are very low maintenance. No need for soil and they only need water once or twice a week. They will thrive virtually anywhere.

air plant2

air plant3

I love them! Do you have any air plants decorating your home?


  1. yes i do. have had them and they are very easy. i put mine, which are mobile, in a bowl of warm water for about 15 minutes once a week. i have some displayed in my hand tiled mosaic whelk shells

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