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November 15, 2013



This week I visited a local home for a Resale-Ready®consultation appointment. I have to say that I was shocked to see wallpaper borders throughout the home:



I went to the home with the realtor and I wondered out loud why the border had not been taken down and the walls freshly painted. He told me that the sellers did not want to go through the extra work and that the buyers can change it if they choose to. ( And I should mention that this home has been on the market for quite awhile):



AND the realtor AGREED with the seller that it looked nice and isn’t wallpaper coming back in style?! My first thought, “ I thought you wanted to sell this home.”

Agree or disagree? Does anyone disagree with me that wallpaper borders are outdated? I wish I could have taken pictures for you but these examples I have shown are on the same idea. Don’t you agree that the sellers should remove the wallpaper if they want to sell?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Yes, wallpaper is back in style. But not those dark borders-lol! The realtor is most definitely misinformed. They are so distracting and make the house look so dated, even if its not! Any good realtor should know that. Hope they take your advice and take them down!

  2. I can see past the decorating and visualize the possibilities if the layout and structure are good. So this is the kind of home I would look for as a buyer because I want something I can update and decorate in my own style. Of course, I would expect to pay rock bottom price too — lol! If I were the seller — well, the borders would have been gone a long time ago so it wouldn’t be an issue. If they really want to sell the house, removing the borders should be a priority and it is a relatively simple fix!

  3. “Wallpaper borders are coming back in style” said no one, ever!!! Removing wallpaper, even borders, is one of the biggest fears for homebuyers. It’s removal can cause drywall damage and require messy repairs. And frankly, no one can see past it – it just screams 1987. I hope you told the homeowner to remove that stuff pronto!

  4. Oh Kelly I 100% agree! No wallpaper borders. I just saw some homes listed with wallpaper borders and those along with other “need to be done” cosmetic fixes were probably why that home has been on the market. And believe me, in this oil boom area, houses move reallllly fast! Curb appeal is online these days. Make it great because the savvy shopper will see more things to change and/or fix when they see the home in person. Kelly you hit the nail on the head again 🙂 Wallpaper borders (and wallpaper) need to go!

  5. Wallpaper borders have got to go. Next to specific colored old carpet, it’s the worst. And for every Charlene out there are probably 99 other buyers who can’t or won’t tackle it. I had a border in the vanity area and three tiny walls in the water closet from 1986 but luckily it was so dry, I was able to just pull it off. Though still have to “clean” the areas. Passed on another newer home that had borders plus wall outlets in every room in very Southwestern patterns plus deep gold walls, almost brown carpet and faux flagstone tile. They EVENTUALLY sold but not for asking.

  6. and remove the fussy drapery treatments. Broke my heart when my Realtor insisted on removing my custom drapery treatments but I see the wisdom of it. We did want to SELL the house after all!

  7. Borders should go!! Period!! I can see why the house hasn’t sold…whoever comes in thinks right away about all the work ahead of them.

  8. Wallpaper borders are hideous! All it does is screamer to a potential buyer ‘more work required!’ I see this a lot with homes that have older owners. They will sell this house eventually, but way below asking price. IMO

  9. Agree! I see this everyday in my business:(

    I don’t understand why the Realtor was agreeing with the homeowner but it’s no surprise. They are SO afraid of offending the client that they are truly doing them a disservice by not addressing it!
    If the borders are too much work for THEM to pull down than what do they think the potential buyers are thinking? That it’s too much work perhaps?

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