Agree Or Disagree?

October 13, 2013


One of the best pieces of decorating advice I have always tried to follow, is that when you think your decorated room is finished, take a step back and snap a picture:


When you look at the photo, does the room still look finished to you? Does anything need to be added? Or taken away? Let’s take this bedroom picture above for an example. I think it is very pretty, but did you notice an idea that might make this bedroom look even better?


I think a long scarf or piece of fabric at the bottom of the bed would look perfect here to balance the top and bottom of the bed.. I experimented with a piece from another bed:


I think it looks much better! (It does need to be a bit wider though than the example piece.) I have always loved using that bottom piece on the bed. Does anyone know what it is called??  I think using the same fabric as the pillow and window treatments will be the perfect finishing touch for the room:


Agree or Disagree?


  1. I don’t know what the name for the fabric at the end of the bed is called. However I think that styling was started by the hotel industry. It allows the room guest a place to sit on the bed (or place their suitcase there)without getting the duvet/comforter/bedspread dirty. At least that’s what I was taught when I was in hotel management 😉
    I have a fake fur piece at the end of one of our guest beds for that very purpose.

    This room is very pretty and there are a few other things I might change (taking some things out actually) but it’s very, very pretty as is. If the people who use this room like/love it, then that’s the best thing 🙂

  2. I agree, the brown blanket at the foot of the bed seems to balance everything out. I have something like this for the foot of my bed but in full disclosure, it spends 99% of the time draped over the chair as I am too rushed (lazy) to put in on most mornings.

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