Adventure in Ireland

June 23, 2016


Hello everyone! I just got back from Holiday, (that’s what a vacation is called in Europe), in Ireland and wanted to share a few of my favorite photos with you:


It was my first visit to Europe and it was a wonderful experience. I absolutely LOVED it there! The first part of the trip was spent in Dublin. I was so enchanted with all of their architectural buildings:

ireland government building

ireland night

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Dublin Government Center

ireland art.

ireland art3

ireland art4

The history of Dublin  was so fascinating and incredible!:

dublin castle

                                                                                                                            Dublin Castle

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral:


st. patrick




Such beauty and history!

Christ Church Cathedral:

christ church

Church Christ Cathedral

Wow! I did not realize I had so many photos. Dublin was an extraordinary city! I had a really wonderful time. Tomorrow I would love to show you more photos of our Ireland adventure in the country!

dublin night

Thanks everyone!


  1. Jelly I loved your photos especially because I am from Ireland and lived in Dublin from the age of 6 until I emigrated at the age of 31 first to Australia and now Virginia. Lovely to hear your thoughts on my ancient city – you made me homesick!

      • I was there two years ago to celebrate a big birthday and caught up with two friends I have had since Elementary school. Looks like you had rainy weather – sorry Kelly – though nothing unusual in that! They say that you know when it is summer in Ireland because the rain is warmer LOL!
        Sorry for typing Jelly instead of Kelly before!!!
        Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely photos.

  2. Beautiful photos of the architecture! Really gives a sense of the history. We are such a young country by comparison. Thanks for sharing.

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