A Well Dressed Bed

April 6, 2013



Today I worked on a design plan for a client that recently purchased a new upholstered headboard. The color she chose was Flax Boucle:



The challenge was trying to work the flax color in with all of the white in the room. She did not want to change anything else in the room (paint color, window treatments, etc.). She just needed help selecting bedding:


Here is the headboard with the existing blue bed linens:


I feel the existing blue linens are too light/clean to work with the beige of the headboard. I suggested trying white bed linens as our base:


Which I think is a good starting point to tie everything in the room together. See the artwork above the bed?:


It works perfect because it has the white, the flax color and different blues. (I did suggest to change to a darker frame closer to the flax color.) The existing wall color is Ben Moore Steel Blue 823. I did not want to try to match exactly, but find a stronger blue color to bring in pillows and a throw. Next, I gave her a few accent pillows to choose from:







Which one she chooses will give us a color direction for the pillows and throw.  Against the flax headboard, I suggested a layer of three white euro shams, then two king shams ( in a darker blue) and then accent pillows. Normally for a king bed, I suggest a layer of two standard shams over the king shams, but she did not want so many pillows. A boudoir pillow would be nice, but that would have to be custom made.



Here is the design board so far until she chooses which accent pillow to use:


Which pillow is your favorite? I would have a hard time choosing! All three would work beautifully in her room and will tie the new headboard in with the rest of the room. I will share the completed design board when we are finished!

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  1. I like the pillow on the far right on your design board best. It seems to relate best to her artwork.

    I would also put a darker blue mat on the art print and paint the frame dark blue or black (or ORB if that’s what her lamps are). I rematted and reframed a client’s oil painting and it looked so amazing people in the store keot stopping me as I was walking to the check out area! It took a pretty oil painting and turned it into a stunner!

  2. Hi, I have the same Flax boucle headboard. I am purchasing new furniture for my studio apartment (side tables; tv stand). What color furniture do you think would look good with my studio (which the walls are white). I see that black, white, and dark brown furniture are the common styles right now.

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