A Beautiful Greige- BM Grant Beige

January 8, 2015

grant beige bedroom


I never wrote about a specific beige before. But lately, I am drawn to this neutral medium beige with a touch of gray in it. Benjamin Moore’s Grant Beige HC-83 is nothing fancy, just a beautiful soft color for the walls:

grant beige bedroom2


Isn’t it beautiful? I just recently took the time to really look at it and see how subtle this beige is but with strength to not get lost in the room:

grant beige kitchen


Grant Beige has green undertones which makes it easier to work with than the beiges with red or yellow undertones. Green undertones do not scream out, “ Look at me!” and will often work well with red or yellow undertones.

grant beige living room


I love how well it works with whites, black, gray, red, green and blues. I am starting to design a room now with a color palette of grant beige, white and navy. Gorgeous!

And I love how it looks with stained trim:

Grant Beige with Stained Trim


What a beautiful room, isn’t it?

grant beige entry


So, are these photos demonstrating why I am loving the Grant Beige color? Plus, this greige works with contemporary and transitional settings as well as traditional. What more can you ask of a beige?



I hope you enjoyed. Next time you are looking for that perfect beige, take a look at Grant Beige HC-83!


  1. I actually love that color! In each of those photos it blends beautifully, whether it is paired with reds or greens or blues. That is definitely going into my beige file for future reference : ) Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have also used Grant Beige, and it is a lovely neutral. Beiges with yellow or pink undertones are more commmon, so this is a great one to stay closer to the intended color.

  3. Thank you so much for your post and pics. I’m planning to paint my living and dining rooms Grant Beige. Do you have a lighter neutral color recommendation for the foyer & hall that are between the Grant Beige rooms? TIA

      • Hi Kelly. Me again. I tested out Manchester Tan and while it’s a beautiful color it read too dark in my halls (I may use it elsewhere though!). I ended up painting the halls and foyer Grant Beige at 50%. It’s a touch less green and of course a bit lighter than the Grant Beige and I am really happy with it. Love both colors with my BM white dove trim. I’ll send you some pics. Thanks again for your help!

  4. my painter is using this color on my master bedroom, master bath and closet walls this week. I just had hardwood flooring installed last week. I am excited to see and enjoy the finished product.

      • Thank you…Would the ceiling also be painted Cloud White?
        Trying to decide between Revere Pewter and Grant Beige for all the rooms in our house as we are getting it ready to put it on the market to sell…The area we live in is not high selling area so we need to make our house stand out inside and out..So I am confused to what colour paint to use..Thank you

        • Yes Sue, I would paint ceiling Cloud White also.

          Both are beautiful colors. If you are getting ready for resale, I would choose Revere Pewter. Just a standout color. Mix with navy blue accessories and it will really stand out!

          • Thank you so much…
            That was the colour I was leaning more to with Simply White trim and Ceiling…Should I use this colour throughout my house…bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, livingroom and hallway?
            I live the navy blue accessory idea too. Navy Curtains, navy rug and lamps…We also thought teal and charcoal would work too… If this seems over the top please tell me…ugh

          • Yes, I would keep the ceilings and trim all one color. Not the same wall color though. Maybe the Revere downstairs but a different color for bedrooms and bathrooms.
            The navy is nice, with teal accents. The charcoal is too heavy I think to use with navy.

          • Oh OK! My house is a ranch so everything is all one floor…So I could paint kitchen, living room and hallway Revere Pewter with Simply White trim and ceiling…Hallway flows into living room which flows into large eat in kitchen with oak walls..So what colour paint would you suggest for the bathrooms and bedrooms..Sorry for all thee questions..Thank you

  5. How would Grant Beige be on my kitchen walls with honey oak cabinets? I am looking for a neutral color that will downplay the cabinets but go with my granite that has neutrals,grays,light tan (slab is called Ornamental Gold)

  6. Trying to pick a “greige” for a large living with vaulted ceilings with cherry beams and trim throughout. Stone fireplace had a lot of gray with some purple throughout. Looked at pashmina and grant beige.

  7. Please help me. I am driving myself crazy over a paint color for my whole house. We purchased a new model home and the color inside is Wish by BM. Very nice but looks pink at times. We have white cabinets, black granite with gray and beige backsplash. Stainless appliances. I looked at Revere Pewter and it looks green to me. Grant Biege looks biege. I need to choose a color this week. Which should I choose? Oh my floor is medium brown hardwood.

  8. Hi Kelly,

    Would Grant Beige work ok with a taupe colored couch? We are painting our open concept downstairs that is currently Linen White and most grays or greiges (even Edgecomb gray) have tested seem to have a lavender undertone even when putting white behind them.

    Thank you!

  9. I’m remolding from a flood. I have stainless appliances, painted stone color cabinets, Amaya wood tobacco porcelain in the kitchen and breakfast area, all other area had Montana beige tile, I am trying to decide between Grant beige and classic gray for the whole house and white dove for trim, doors and 50% for the ceiling with the wall color. Thank for your help!

  10. I’m trying to pick an all over color for my house and I really love grant beige but the tile that I picked is a natural stone that slightly in some spots looks a little greenish! Would grant beige make the whole kitchen look green. I don’t really like yellow beige colors.

    Thank you, Jessalyn.

    • I think that an undertone of the tile will turn everything green Jessalyn. Try painting a large sample board of Grant Beige and see how it looks with the flooring in the daylight and night. I love Grant Beige- very soft.

  11. I love that everyone loves Grant Beige! I agonized over a color for so long and finally went with this one for my main floor and up the stairs/hallway. We have pecan colored hardwood flooring. My living room, however, is yet to be re-painted and is open to the rest of the main floor. What other color (lighter? darker?) would you suggest we use that would compliment Grant Beige? The color we currently have is a lighter green but it’s time for it to go. Our trim is Linen White and the main windows face SSE.

  12. So glad I found this conversation! Going to get a sample of Grant Beige to try for my whole house. Hoping it will work well with my SW Rice Grain ceiling, walls currently SW Ramie, looking for a change that is less green, but avoid ceiling painting. Thanks Kelly!

  13. I have Elmira White in my entire house. I painted Elmira white in my Dining Room, but for some reason it looked very very cold in there. I have green with gold flowers on curtains, red poppy flower picture and a large octagon mirror that is all glass, no frame. For some reason some paint colors look very cold with my mirror. What am I doing wrong. Any suggestions. I was thinking grant beige.

    • Your colors should be working well with the Elmira White Lou. You mentioned the mirror is looking flat- I don’t think the wall color will change that. Maybe add a frame to the mirror? You can google ‘mirror frames’ to find different options. Or maybe replace the mirror? Hope this helps!

  14. Iam painting Grant Beige over army green walls in master bedroom. Windows face North, West and South. Should I prime the walls first?

  15. I think Grant Beige is the perfect color for our kitchen cabinets, which have to work with a slightly darker than almondish Corian countertop. Thank goodness we finally found the right color! Now my question is what color to paint the walls. We have a kitchen which opens into a vaulted ceiling family room, with mostly northeast light. I would love to use a blue. Do you have any recommendations for that, or any other wall color? Thank you.

      • The Corian is a solid color, hence my dilemma. I should have also mentioned that the kitchen area has a skylight so receives bright light but the family room window areas have a large overhang, so that portion of the space is less bright. So appreciate your input!

          • Thank you for the help and suggestion. On the sample I have, Edgecomb Gray doesn’t seem to work with the countertop– too pink maybe?- but I can always try a sample and/ or keep searching.

  16. I am looking for a beige or greige to paint family room with cathedral ceilings and lots of light. Other than grant beige and edgecomb gray, are there any other really good neutrals. Right now I have a stronger, darker color in the room and I want something lighter.

      • Hi Kelly,

        That is the color I am considering since it is on the same swatch as Bleeker Beige (I think…if not it is on one of my swatches). I may change the accent colors in my room. Do any colors go well with Manchester Tan or do some pop more than others?


          • Thanks! I was thinking navy perhaps.
            If I went with a nice neutral like manchester tan, in an adjoining room (only visible from one open doorway in back part of kitchen) I was purple crazy for a number of years and painted both my living room and dining room BM wet concrete. I am not planning to change the wet concrete in the near future…to many other rooms screaming paint me! Would a manchester tan room with blue accents clash with another room that is purple? Again – can’t really see much of the living room and dining room from the family room. Just one opening from kitchen. Can I use blue accents (lighter shade? or another accent that I can carry through with manchester tan room? Right now I have tan, black, and a little sage green accents in living room/dining room.

  17. I live in a bi-level house so that when you walk in the door you go upstairs or down. The wall that faces the living room is painted Orchestra by Valspar which is a reddish burnt orange color. Would Grant Beige work in the living room? It has medium toned hardwood floors.You can see into the kitchen through a 4 foot open doorway that is painted BM Nimbus and the kitchen has taupes and warm grays.I so appreciate your input!

    • HI Debbie,

      I have not used Orchestra by Valspar, but looking online it does not look like a color that would work with Grant Beige. If you would like to work together, send me an email with photos and I will be better able to help!

  18. Can you tell me if Grant Beige is gray at all? I am trying to look for a warm gray and have tried Smokey Taupe (too pink) and Accessible Beige (too flat, blah, not enough warmth). I am worried Grant Beige will be too dark. I have a new kitchen being put in with white cabinets and a quartzite stone with grays and golds and charcoal in it. I am trying to go for a clean look but don’t want sterile walls and don’t want gold/yellow walls. I have tried so many colors. Can I lighten the Grant Beige 50% if too dark? This will be going in a 2 story foyer, south facing, lots of light and into my kitchen which then goes down to 8 foot ceilings so darker, struggling with that as paint looks different in both areas. I have Elmira White in basement and I love it as it is gray but warm beige but it is too light. What would be step up from Elmira White?


    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, Grant Beige has gray/green undertones. I love it because it works with so many colors. Try painting sample on a large poster board and see how it works in your kitchen. Best way to know for sure. Hope this helps!

  19. I have been struggling with choosing a paint color for our entryway, living room, dining room, stairway, and upstairs hallway (south end of house, but windows are mostly on east and west end). I first chose Revere Pewter (too dark and went blue). Then I chose Manchester Tan which I love, but it seemed a bit dull in the space. I was nervous it wouldn’t be reflective and light enough. As of today, I think we settled on Elmira White since it seems to be a light greige and a bit warmer than Edgecomb Gray, which was just a bit too gray for my furniture. I have dark wood floors, mostly traditional furniture and dark or cherry-type woods, and an olive sofa that I’m stuck with for now. I want to use some splashes of teal, light aqua, and apple green to brighten up the space, and I want fairly light and neutral walls. We painted 1 1/2 of the walls Elmira White and think we’ve found our color. I’m just a bit nervous about it being too light, yet I do want a light and bright space and the room isn’t overly light. Also, I’m wondering about using Grant Beige in our family room/kitchen area. The overall space is fairly open and flows together, yet the family room/kitchen do have two separate doorways that lead into them, one from the entryway and hallway and the other from the dining room. I want a cohesive look; however, with my white cabinets in the kitchen, I’m thinking that Elmira White would be too light in that space. Would Grant Beige be a good choice there and one that would flow well from the rooms with Elmira White, or would you recommend another color instead? Thank you!

  20. I painted my family room Grant Beige and love it! Now I’m planning to take it into the hallways and the foyer. My dining room and living room flank the foyer and I’m thinking I’d like to do a slightly darker color. Any suggestions? I bought a sample of the Grant Beige at 50% darker and it is too dark. I’ve seen your suggestions of Bleeker beige (darker) and Manchester tan. (lighter). Any other suggestions for a slightly darker shade to go with the Grant Beige? Should I do a sample w/ 25% darker? I also have a powder room off the hallway (currently wallpaper that is coming down!) Any suggestions?

    • Hi Kim, I always like to go darker in the rooms off of the hallway. Navy and other dark blues are my favorite. Take a look at colors beside the beige for those special rooms off of Grant Beige. That is another reason why I love Grant Beige. It works so well with so many other colors.

  21. Hi Kelly,

    I am thinking about painting my wood cabinets white in the kitchen. What is a good BM color for this? Right now I have trim that is White Dove in my entire house. The room gets a pretty good amount of light. Should I stick with white dove but is it – white enough? What do you suggest?

    • I would stick with the White Dove for your cabinets Rachael, especially that your trim is the same color. It is white enough, and even better to use because it does not have any undertones you will have to work around. Hope this helps!

  22. Hi! I’m painting my kitchen and dining walls Grant beige. Would SW Creamy work for the cabinets or should I go with a whiter white? The kitchen does get too much natural light but the adjacent dining room does (open concept). I see the green undertones of the grant beige and feel that maybe the Creamy would just be too blah?

  23. Hi Kelly! This post, even if it is 2 years old is exactly what I was looking for. We will be painting our kitchen and dining room walls in Grant Beige. We have kitchen cabinets and family room built-ins that are yellowish oak. Which white/off-white color would work for it? My floors are almost the same honey oak as the cabinets. Would Sherwin Williams creamy work for it? Thank you!

  24. Hi Kelly

    I have Grant Beige in my living and dining room with White Dove trim. I’m currently painting kitchen cabinets White Dove. I have 2 questions for you….what color should I go with on kitchen ceiling and walls? I have a multicolored slate backsplash that is throwing me off on wall color.



  25. Hi, I have cherry hardwood floors throught the house, do you think Grant Beige is a good color choice for the walls?

    • Hi Priscilla, I put the grant Beige sample with the cherry floor and I think it looks great. BUT, I think you should go the Ben Moore and get a sample of the Grant Beige to paint on poster board and live with a few days with the cherry flooring- daytime and night and make sure you love it. Good luck!

  26. Hi! I’m in the process of selecting an exterior paint color for our 1868 house. I found Grant beige and love it. Was planning on using dove white for trim of windows which have wide frames.
    Do you think that will provide enough of a vontrast or should I use a brighter white? If brighter, any suggestions?

    • Hi Lisa, I would use the White Dove. A brighter white, such as Simply White, would really stand out against the Grant Beige. I think the trim should work together with the wall color, which White Dove does.Hope this helps!

  27. Hi! I’m in the process of selecting an exterior paint color for our 1868 house. I found Grant beige and love it. Was planning on using dove white for trim of windows which have wide frames.
    Do you think that will provide enough of a contrast or should I use a brighter white? If brighter, any suggestions? The windows and grids will be cottage red.
    Thank you!

  28. Hi, I just purchased an adult condominium that is all Grant Beige except for my master bedroom which will be painted Bemjamin Moore Paladium Blue. I like it, but the problem is trying to incorporate the colors of furnature,curtains, rugs, cushions, etc. from my previous house, if I can. I have brown, red, gold, green and some large dark brown and cream pieces of furniture. My old house is painted with Benjamin Moore Ginger Root and Behr Plantation White. I like color but can’t find alot of color combinations for Grant Beige.This is a real change for me, can you give me some suggestions?

    • Have you tried the Grant Beige with your furnishings? Brown should work, gold and green and cream would all work with the Grant Beige. It really is a great neutral color.

  29. Hi Kelly,

    I really like Grant Beige but I am trying to find a match (or close match) to Behr Marquee paints. We have a room with cathedral ceilings and a darker color that we are trying to go over, and I know that Marquee is one coat coverage. (guaranteed in their colors only) I know, my husband, the painter, for most of this job will thanks me.

    • Hi Andrea, I tried finding a close match with Behr but none are close enough. Have you tried Ben Moore Aura? It covers beautifully- they say one coat, but I find you have to do two to get it right. I am sure with the Behr it will be more than one coat. Maybe with a primer it will be one coat but can not be sure. Hope this helps Andrea!

      • Thanks Kelly. I really appreciate your input and your quick response.
        I will look at Ben Moore Aura for Grant Beige. I am also considering Manchester Tan. Do you think MT will look washed out in a very sunny room with skylights?
        Also, if I have Bleeker Beige in my foyer is it better to stick with a warmer neutral in the adjoining kitchen and family room like Grant Beige or MT rather than go for Revere Pewter or Edgecomb Gray. I have looked at these colors as well. I am all over the place with paint choices.

  30. I am going insane choosing a light and airy color for my kitchen! I have Feather Down cupboards (Benjamin Moore) and brown countertop. Floors are oak but hoping to stain them dark brown in the future. Narrowed choices down to Manchester Tan and Grant Beige. Any suggestions? I’ve always had a lot of color in my home and leaning towards neutrals now. Want to see “color” close to neutral but not “off white” either. Want to notice it if that makes sense, help!

    • Hi Jill,
      Hard to choose colors for your own home, isn’t it? I have trouble also like everyone else with my own home. I looked at Feather Down with both Man Tan and Grant Beige. I don’t think there is enough contrast with Man Tan. I really like your choice of Grant Beige. Grant looks really nice with the Feather Down. It is a very soft neutral I know you will love. I suggest to get a painted sample board and move around your kitchen day and night to be sure you love! Good luck with your project.

  31. Hi Kelly,
    It is Andrea again. I hit the send button and then I thought of another question. Other than Manchester Tan being lighter than Grant Beige what are the other differences? You refer to Grant Beige as a beige with a little gray – being a greige. Does Manchester Tan have a little gray tool or is it a little more yellow? I don’t see the undertones too well.

  32. need color for two story foyer, north facing, little light, no direct light. revere pewter cast green,smokey taupe has nice depth cast pink, ashen tan cast purple, abalone cast purple. looking for depth of color, not too dark, not flat, have curved stairs case with new iron spindles and reddish hue hardwood stairs. stairs were done a year ago and still havent picked out paint, paid colorist to cone out but so far nothing has worked. help

  33. Hi!

    Using Grant Beige as an all over house color in our open floor plan ranch home. Would BM Grasslands or BM Soft Fern be a good fit for the dining room?

    • Hi Kathie, I love your choices! Grant beige looks beautiful with either Grasslands or Soft Fern. Love both! You just have to decide if you want a lighter color in the room or darker. You can’t go wrong with either. I like going with more drama, I would probably pick the Grasslands. Good choices!

  34. Hi Kelly,

    I am looking for a paint colour for my north east facing family room with brown leather furniture, mocha stained maple tables and a reclaimed brick fireplace. What do you think about using grant beige or even Bleeker beige? I have clay beige entry way and stairwell.

    • Hi Jane. Instead of Grant Beige, why don’t you give Ben Moore Muslin oc-12 a look? It will work well with your furniture and brick fireplace. If you would like a darker color, Ben Moore Shaker Beige HC-45 is a beautiful color that will also work well with your furnishings. Hope this helps!

  35. Hi Kelly
    This is the first time I’ve explored websites for help with choosing color matches.
    Your website photos and pics are beautiful.
    I am in a dilemma with regards to the best Wall color choice for my upgraded Kitchen. The kitchen is small with one medium size Window, directly above the countertop/Sink Area. The kitchen is also open to the backPorch and Door Area.
    There are Espresso kitchen Cabinets, which are surrounded beneath with white subway tiles. Countertop is white with mostly lite and dark greys; you see more of the greys than the white. Flooring is ceramic white tiles with grey shadows colouring.
    The wall between the kitchen and Dining Room is being removed: therefore revealing the Accent Wall of Dining/living room which has been recently painted Rattan AF 375 .The LR/ DR room primary color is Standish White HC 32. From the Kitchen, you can see one side-Wall of the Standish White color.
    I would be so grateful to have your thoughts on color suggestions for the whites/grey/ espresso/ and the Accent DR color, If that needs to be considered,! Thank you so much.

  36. I have a small powder room right outside a large room painted with grant beige. Any bathroom suggestions?

    • Hi Courtney, That is one reason I love Grant Beige- it works so well with most all other colors. Light blues, dark blues, light greens, dark greens, etc. Just choose a color you love- it is a small space, go crazy!haha

  37. I love grant beige and have it in my kitchen and living room with white dove trim. Should I paint our cabinets white dove (they’re sw muslin right now-horrible! ) Would Pashmina work as a complementary color or is Bennington gray a better choice? I’ve used pashmina and revere pewter incombo before in our old home but wanted to do a slightly less gray color for our new home (cue grant beige!

    • Hi Jill,

      I love Grant Beige. Yes, I think White Dove is a great cabinet and trim color with Grant Beige. Either the Bennington or Pashmina would work- I like the Pashmina, but there is more gray in it than Bennington.
      Hope this helps you decide!

  38. I am trying to repaint some golden oak stairs that are adjacent to the living room with vaulted cedar plank ceiling. The hallway above opens up into the living room. the walls are painted BM Brandon Beige. We will be putting a carpet runner on the slippery stairs and in the living room. It is grey taupe color. WE have 4 animals so I did not want to paint to dark as it will show all the fluff easier. I was thinking BM kendall charcoal or Chelsea Grey or SW Urbane Bronze or Porpoise. What do you think. The railing is black metal and we have to do something with the handrail that is oak as well,

    • Hi Cindi,
      Thank you for writing. I would need to see photos of your home to be able to help you with colors. If you would like to send me a few pictures and work together, I can help you find the perfect color for your home. Just send me an email at [email protected]. Thank you!

  39. love the conversation. i am considering Grant Beige or Bennington gray for my family room which is large. My dining room which is adjacent has a brownish/orange tone ( I don’t remember the color) and my counter tops are marble granite. Which color would you recommend?.

    • Hi Chaunte,

      I would go with the Grant Beige. The Bennington Gray is pretty, but also a bit on the heavy side in color. I love Grant Beige, it just works so well with all colors and light and fresh. Just my opinion!

  40. Hi Kelly,
    I want to use BM Newburyport Blue or Van Deusen Blue on front doors and Grant Beige on the siding. The house is also red brick. I’m wondering if these colors work and what white trim to use because the blue needs white trim I think. Any suggestions? Lisa

  41. Hi Kelly! Loved this article. We have an open floor plan living room, kitchen, and dining room. When we built, we used a combination of Lenox tan (kitchen/breakfast) shaker beige (foyer/dining area), and Tyler taupe (walls AND ceiling in the 2 story living room). I want to lighten up the living room, but it’s south facing with lots of windows. Shaker beige seems to pull a little pink. I’m wondering if Grant Beige would look ok with the adjoining rooms being painted in Lenox Tan and Shaker Beige? Thanks!

    • Hi Kim,
      I think the Grant Beige with green undertones might clash with the Shaker Beige. Take a look at the lighter version of Shaker Beige, Ben Moore Muslin OC-12. Beautiful color. Be sure to test and sample before painting whole room to be sure you love. Good luck!

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