Month: April 2018

Benjamin Moore’s Aura® Grand Entrance®

April 28, 2018

Are you searching for the perfect front door color? This is the busiest time of year for me helping clients choose exterior colors and especially a fabulous front door color:


                                                                                           DOOR  Red Tulip 2000-30 Aura Grand Entrance                  TRIM  Simply White OC-117

When deciding exterior color combinations, I like to think  to think of your exterior as a business suit; the walls are a neutral color which makes up 60% of the combination, (the pants and jacket), the trim and windows make up 30% of the color palette, (the shirt) and the door is  10% of the color palette combination , ( tie/door is the 10% pop of color) which I wrote about here:


    DOOR Green Meadows 2040-20 Aura Grand Entrance Satin

      TRIM Snowfall White OC-118 Aura Grand Entrance Satin

          SIDING Maritime White OC-5 Aura Grand Entrance Satin

Did you know Ben Moore introduced the Benjamin Moore’s Aura® Grand Entrance® line, specially formulated for front doors in 2015? I did not. I just came across on Pinterest recently:Read More

Mother’s Day is Coming Soon

April 24, 2018

I have to start a little early with my Mother’s Day shopping each year because my mom’s birthday is in the same week! It is less than two and a half weeks away. Plus I have to mail, unfortunately, because we live so far apart. I thought while I searched for a few special and inexpensive ideas, I would share in case you were also looking for a gift.

This blog contains affiliate links that may earn me a small percentage. I appreciate any purchases you may make!



I have heard such great reviews on this book! Would love to read myself.

Many pretty note cards to choose from:





Who doesn’t love a pretty notebook/calendar?:



These water bottles are so popular:

water bottle


I  like to get my mom a gift certificate to somewhere she likes to shop, but also a little something small and thoughtful.

Another book I recommend- I really enjoyed the second book in the Peachtree Bluff series:



Just a few quick ideas! Have a great week everyone!

Simple DIY Pillow Project

April 21, 2018

As you know, a quick and easy update for your home to celebrate the warmer temperatures outside, is to add new, white and bright pillows to your living room and bedroom:

new pillow

I have so many pillows, but I need new ones! haha I found this fabric that I fell in love with right away at Greenhouse Fabrics:

new fabric

I have not sewn in over 15 years but felt I would remember how to sew a simple pillow! I ordered one yard to make 2 18” pillows. I made a 20”, ( 18” plus 1” seam allowance on each side) square pattern out of brown paper and cut out:

new pattern

Funny how I remembered exactly how to thread the sewing machine, fill a bobbin and figure out the seam allowance! (half inch):


Be sure to leave opening 10-12” on one side to later insert pillow insert. After sewing right sides together, I trimmed the corners and turned inside out. I ironed out any wrinkles and pressed under 1/2” on open edge. After I inserted pillow insert, I sewed up the edge and that was it!:


sewing side

new pill

new pillowb

pillow and fire

I forgot how much I enjoyed sewing. I LOVE fabric. I miss not being able to go into a fabric store and be able to touch and feel everything, although there are a lot of places to find beautiful fabrics at great prices, such as  Etsy and Online Fabrics.  I think they came out beautifully! I am happy I did not have to spend a fortune for unique, one of a kind, perfect pillows.  What can I make next? Have you sewed anything in awhile?

I also cleaned out this messy corner:

before corner

after corner


What projects have you been working on?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Kelly  xo

Trending- White Exteriors and Review of White Undertones

April 14, 2018

Yes, grays and taupe are still very popular. But this year I have noticed that white is HUGE in exterior color favorites:

white exterior


white tradional


It could be because of the growing popularity of interior whites that white is making way to the exterior walls :Read More

Another Home Project Completed

April 7, 2018

So nice to be able to say that, isn’t it? I love finishing up projects, especially ones that were on the list forever.  My husband Mike was involved, so it might have taken just a little bit longer to be completed. His project priorities are not always the same as mine!

new black wall

The magic of paint! My previous red wall, Ben Moore Raisin Torque 2083-10, was a great color for awhile, but I have wanted to update for at least six years now. I wanted something different and unique.

red wall2

We had the custom cabinet made about ten years ago and still love it. It used to be an empty alcove when we bought house. See the previous yellow walls? They were painted Ben Moore Honeymoon from the Affinity collection.

red wall

I thought with the black TV,  black walls would work perfectly:Read More

Book & Wine Giveaway Raffle Winner

April 4, 2018

Drumroll please! The winner of the book and wine giveaway raffle is Monica Salter! Thank you to all who entered. I wish I could get you all a copy and bottle of wine! Thank you so much Kristy for allowing us to help you celebrate your new book release! I loved the sequel and know many will agree. Congratulations again Monica! I will send you an email for your address for your gifts.

secret to

I am so pleased to be able to share with you a special Book & Wine giveaway! My friend and fellow blogger, Kristy Woodson Harvey, who writes a beautiful blog with her mom, (how cool is that?) My Design Chic. Kristy is getting ready to launch her new book sequel to her last bestselling book, Slightly South of Simple: A Novel (The Peachtree Bluff Series) .
Her new book in the series is The Secret to Southern Charm ( The Peachtree Bluff Series).

The Secret to Southern Charm” is a compelling, beautifully drawn tale of love, hope, and small town secrets. The richly detailed backdrop of a charming coastal town and the struggles and joys of four generations of women solidifies Kristy Woodson Harvey’s spot as a rising star of Southern fiction.”

(Mary Alice Monroe, New York Times bestselling author of Beach House for Rent.)
Kristy’s book launch is scheduled for April 4 and has invited us to help celebrate with a chance to win a copy of her autographed book along with a bottle of wine! She had sent me an early edition to read and I loved it as much, if not more, than the first book in the series. Both books are wonderful reads for you to enjoy or give as a special gift.

If you would like a chance to win an autographed copy of The Secret to Southern Charm ( The Peachtree Bluff Series), send me a quick email with your name and email address here- [email protected]and I will enter you into the drawing. The drawing and winner will be announced April 3. Good luck everyone!