Month: August 2016

Simple & Uncomplicated Furniture Painting

August 31, 2016

Are you still holding on to that special piece of old furniture that you have wanted to paint forever? A reader wrote and asked, “I really would like to paint this little table/bench/chair but I can not figure out which process would be easiest for me. I would really like to give it a try.  Also, can you suggest a few colors that you think  looks best on painted furniture? Thx!”

Well I understand how you might be confused! There are so many different techniques and options today for painting furniture. I am happy to share with you all what has worked best for me, as well as my overall knowledge on painting furniture!

aub blue

For all of my furniture painting projects, I always turn to my number one paint choice which is  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. I LOVE the product because it is so easy to use. No priming is needed and you can use indoors because it is non-toxic and  odor-free. So instead of the process being a chore by worrying about which primer to use and how to prepare the furniture, I feel that using Chalk Paint® makes it a fun and easy venture.  Here is my stash of chalk paint:Read More

Just A Reminder

August 30, 2016

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that the September issue of my monthly newsletter ‘Roominations’ will be published tomorrow, September 1, 2016. This issue is packed with great content!

pumpkin love



* This month’s newsletter will answer a reader’s question that would like to know an easy and fun way to paint furniture pieces. I am happy to share what has worked best for me as well as my knowledge on painting furniture in the post Simple & Enjoyable Furniture Painting.Read More

10 Things I Love About September

August 27, 2016

Hello everyone! Although I am not quite ready to say goodbye to summer, there is a lot to love about September.

hello sept


Here are just a few of my favorites reasons:Read More

Resource Guide For Kitchen Redesign

August 24, 2016

Hey everyone! I wanted to share the design plan and resources we used for the kitchen makeover that I posted about earlier this week here :

marsha after kitchen

marsha after kitchen2

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Before & After Photos of Kitchen Redesign

August 21, 2016

This project was one of my all-time favorite kitchen redesigns! It came out so beautifully and the homeowner is very happy! I gave you a sneak peek here of her before kitchen:

marsha before2

marsha before3

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Fun Shopping at Home Goods

August 17, 2016

I forgot how much I loved shopping at Home Goods! I haven’t been in awhile and I can tell you I was pretty excited to spend some quality Home Goods time.

One item on my shopping list was to find a lamp for my new office. As usual, there were tons to choose from:

home lightsRead More