Month: August 2015

Kitchen Window Treatments

August 29, 2015

After looking for over a year, I have finally found the fabric I love to use on my kitchen windows:

kitchen fabric

I absolutely LOVE it! I had a vision in my head how I wanted the treatments to look but it took forever to find the right fabric which I wrote about here and here. I followed my own advice and asked for a sample to be sure it worked with the other items in the room such as the rugs:





fabric with chair


window before

After with new window treatments:


kitchen window after

One important factor was to not cover up the view:

kitchen window after2

Mission accomplished!

fabric close

kitcehn window2

The kitchen was pretty, but I felt it needed fabric to soften and finish the room:

after window

I am really happy how they came out. Budget Blinds is my secret. They come to your home to measure and then install the finished product.

last window

I bought an extra yard of the same fabric for a table runner and to cover a couple stools. How do you think they came out?

Thank you all who entered the Sweet Carolina raffle. The lucky winner who won an autographed copy from the author is:

Eileen Amabile!

Send me your address Eileen so I can have your book sent to you. Thank you everyone and thanks for all the good book ideas to read!

Stone Exterior Selected Plus Dear Carolina

August 26, 2015

I thought you might enjoy following along with my new house build in RI which I wrote about here.

The foundation was poured and now there is a three week waiting period for the waterproofing tar to dry:

ray foundation

My first step was helping the homeowner select stone for his exterior. The stone veneer is chosen first because it is the most expensive item and the least available in the choice of the stone, siding, roof, and trim. We traveled around neighborhoods and various stone stores to find the perfect stone he was looking for. We found it, hooray!:

ray stone store

It is the middle display. Here it is on a home model:

Ray stone

ray stone home2

The client really loves it and I like it also because of all the different colors to work with. We are going with a mosaic pattern with joints, (grouting) the same as the photo above.  Choosing stone was the first large step, now we can choose the siding and roofing that will work with the stone veneer. Moving right along!

Here is the house plan my client choose:

ray front plan

Here is the link if you would like to see the floor plans and additional photos. This was the plan he began with. Then he hired an architect to revise the plans to his liking. Now he is working with the builder and myself. If you look at the above photo, he asked me if I would suggest putting stone at the top of the front gable. I suggested to him to leave it siding, (maybe a decorative siding). I think it would look too heavy with the stone up in the air like that. Don’t you agree?

I also wanted to tell you about this great new book I read over vacation:

me beach

Dear Carolina, by Kristy Woodson Harvey. A wonderful story about two strong women from the South whose lives are intertwined by family, love and a new baby girl. One of the main characters is a famous interior designer so that was fun to read about too! You can read more about the book here.

Dear Carolina High Res

I spoke with the author Kristy and she offered to send an autographed copy to the lucky winner of a raffle! That was so nice of her. All you have to do to enter is give your answer below in the comment section: “What was your favorite summer book you read this year?” Contest ends Friday, August29th at midnight.

Good luck!

Unforgettable Venice Beach

August 24, 2015

Picture miles of beautiful white sand beach on the ocean, a bike/skate road, a green park and a fun boardwalk:


Venice Beach! It was one of my favorite places I visited while on vacation in San Diego. The sights and the people were such a trip to see!



There was very unique artwork for sale:




You could take in a show if you wanted:

bearded lady1

bearded lady

Or just sit and watch people:




There were plenty of souvenir shops to choose from:

mike bitch

And even animals making money:


bw park

Here is the famous Muscle Beach on the boardwalk:

muscle beach

It was much smaller than it appears on TV. Here is my new friend that took time from working out:Smile


Venice Beach was one of my favorite places I visited while on the West Coast. I would highly recommend stopping by if you ever get the chance. Very entertaining and interesting!

you are perfect

I could not figure out what the clothes were there for. See the bus in the back? I saw that on a TV show last night!

I wanted to share my visit with you! I definitely want to return again someday. Isn’t vacation great?

Thanks everyone!

Loving San Diego

August 22, 2015

I stayed in Carlsbad, CA, (which is 10 minutes south of San Diego) last week for the first time ever. I LOVED it! I really enjoyed my visit there.


I loved the little town villages along the ocean, the weather and of course the beaches:

beach long

Miles and miles of gorgeous white sand beaches! Just park on the side of road and you are there:

beach wide

We started almost everyday with a cup of coffee on the beach= #pureheaven:


I thought it was so cool that I was in RI swimming in the Atlantic Ocean and the next week I was swimming in the Pacific!



I could not wait to visit the San Diego Zoo. I was not disappointed. Exhibits were beautiful, clean and had quite a variety of animals:

baby orangatan




I have never seen an elephant with tusks before.

I think the birds were the prettiest because of their colors:



The colors look like they were painted on the flamingos!




blue bird


The guy in the back was the boss. Very humanlike and in charge. There was a baby chimp too:


chimp close

I was really looking forward to see the Gorilla Exhibit. But it was pretty sad to me. I was not even sure if I would post a picture, but I thought you would like to see:


He was trying to hide I think. Here he is close up:

gorilla close

Lots of bears:



I thought this program was great:


I would love to see them working together!

Last pictures of the zoo:



So cute! I hope you have enjoyed. Come back tomorrow to see pictures of my day at Venice Beach. What a trip that was!

bearded lady

Too many pictures to share.

I saw this in Carlsbad Village painted on the wall:


So beautiful don’t you think?

Thanks everyone!

My New Painted Front Door

August 11, 2015

Painting my outside door has been on my to-do list for over a year. At first, it was the actual color to be selected that had me stumped, (too many great colors). Then the long winter prevented me from doing anything outdoors. So now, I am pleased to present my new painted front door:

blue door

I call it the front door because this is the door we use all the time. The real front door is over here:


No one would be able to see my pretty painted door over there!

Anyone that guessed I would be using blue for my new door- congratulations! You know me well. I chose SW Naval 6244 . It is one of my favorite blues.

sw naval4

Here is an old before picture of the door:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 ext 1

How about that view? Do you like our red truck we bomb around town in?

The blue door now brings color and interest to our home! So happy how it looks.

door sw

The white wreath I used for Summer looks ok, but I think a colorful Autumn wreath will look fabulous!

Do you have a painted front door?


New Home Construction Project

August 8, 2015

Isn’t Summer going by so fast? I have been busy with home projects, color consultations and activities. I am excited to share that a few weeks ago, I was one of the designers who was interviewed for a local home construction project about to begin. They were looking for a designer to help them with all the color and design steps in the new home construction.



Guess who got the job? I did! Yay! It is like a dream job because I am in charge of picking all exterior and interior surfaces, colors, flooring, windows, rugs, tile etc.  I am so thrilled! Great opportunity. I will love sharing with you the different processes as we go through each stage.

blue prints


We are now scouting the neighborhoods for ideas and inspiration for the exterior stone veneer, siding, roofing and trim. The stone has to be chosen first, (the largest, most expensive item and least available) to start the color palette. Here were a few of my favorites from Houzz:

stone exterior

stone veneer

stone front

stone veneer2


Not sure if I love the taupe or gray better. What do you think? All beautiful examples.

I am finally painting my front door this weekend. I took forever deciding on a color and I  bet you all know what it is! I will share photos later this week.

Have a great weekend everyone!