Month: July 2015

Updated Guest Bedroom

July 31, 2015

I am enjoying a nice, long two week vacation in our New Hampshire home. My husband and I do not get up here too often because of his business in RI. This is the longest we have ever stayed in our NH home at one time!! We both love it here and this is going to be our forever home.

Besides taking day trips, we tackled a few projects we have been wanting to do. The bath I shared here is complete so I moved on into the guest room. I have been wanting to update the room but not get into a big production with time and money. Do you know what I mean?

Remember my post here, where I was using the Ben Moore Color Capture App to find a paint color that worked well with a new comforter? There were a few color options, but I really liked the Ben Moore Gentleman’s Gray 2062-20:

gentlemans gray2

A really beautiful turquoise blue!

Here was the guest room before:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 bedroom 2

And Now After:

guest room2



Does it look like a guest room where you would like to spend some time?

guest room3



I am really happy with how the room came out with just a few changes. I only painted the one wall so that the wall screen would be more pronounced. Not a lot of time or investment which is great. How do you like this Gentleman’s Gray paint color?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend everyone!


Updated Bath Photographs

July 26, 2015

new bath

I was disappointed in myself over the weekend for posting such awful photos of my new bath last week. I was in such a rush to get a blog out, I did not take the time to get better pictures.

In fact, the photos were so bad, I knew it wasn’t just my photo skills. The new sconce I had picked was not working in the space, so I quickly replaced it:

bath new

new bath4

Also, my reader friend Alice asked what was out the window because it looked like it was underwater! lol We can blame that on the bad photographer. Here is a better photo of outside the window:


It is my backyard in NH. We are on a hill and you can see the rock wall at the bottom of window. We use this window for bear spotting in the backyard!

new bath3

With the light fixture changed, I am now very happy with how it looks. These photos are definitely a better representative of the room which makes this a better blog post too. I am now smiling when I walk into the room and that is what it is all about, right?

Working With Your Existing Bath Fixtures

July 22, 2015

bath redo4

I wrote here about finding a new paint color for our bath. My husband said that I can do what I want in the room- just no removing the tub or tile!


master bath

So instead of ignoring the fixtures, (tub and tile have a pink undertone), I picked a wall paint color, Ben Moore Elephant Gray, to work with them, instead of the yellow walls that are clashing.

What do you think?:


Did you notice the ceiling? Ben Moore Antique Glass.  I love it!

bath redo

This color works really well with our new granite also:



bath redo4

Another project completed. We love how it looks!

Lesson for the day: If you have to work around your existing fixtures/furnishings, find a paint color to work with your items so that the room will look pulled together. If you choose a paint color that doesn’t work with, the fixtures will stand out because of the contrast between the two.

Beautiful Backyard Retreats

July 19, 2015





Are you spending as much time as possible outdoors this Summer? Soaking up that heat and sunshine?





Do you have a special place in your backyard to rest and relax? I have been saving a few of my favorite backyard retreat photos:







Just like indoors, it’s all in the details:







back oasis




I would love to retreat to any of these spaces! Which is your favorite? I hope you are enjoying your Summer!

Fabric Tip Worth Repeating

July 14, 2015

I probably sound like a broken record on the subject, but what happened today proves my point perfectly why you should be ordering fabric samples before purchasing.

inman sultana

I have been looking quite a while for the perfect fabric for my kitchen windows and after looking at different colors and patterns, I decided a fabric with a white background with navy design would be perfect.

inman close

The two fabric samples above are pictures of the same fabric. The background looks plainly white, don’t you agree? This is the sample I received today in mail:

inman sample

Even through the computer, you can see how OFF white it is. And the navy is plush and thick. Not what I was expecting. Here is another example:


Notice the white background. And here is the actual sample of fabric:

lovely sample

Can you see how OFF white the actual fabric is?

Imagine if I did not worry about getting a sample and ordered 14 yards of it for window treatments? What if it were for a client? You can not return it!

One more example to drive this info into your brain:


fynn cadet

I love, love using fabric and do not want to discourage anyone from ordering fabric online. Just be sure to order that sample to save yourself from any headaches! Thanks everyone!


A Few More Photos Of Living Room Design

July 12, 2015

Nina sent me a few more pictures of her living room I wanted to share with you:

nina close2

nina close

nina close3

She said that she smiles every time she walks into the room. I think that is the best compliment I can receive, don’t you agree?

Thanks so much for sharing your after photos with us Nina!

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.