Month: June 2014

Yes! I Like To Decorate Outside Too

June 29, 2014


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Isn’t this warm weather just the best? I I am outside working more now than indoors projects. How about you?

You know how I love symmetry in my rooms:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 bedroom 2 (2)

Because of the way this porch was laid out, I think it begs for symmetry. I have been adding pieces over the last couple years. I just bought a couple taller planters so I could put one on each side to see through the glass:

That didn’t work. Tried another idea with a table:


That doesn’t look right either! haha Then I found these little crates from Michaels and painted them blue to use as stands:


Much better!:


And what is really beautiful is the view from this porch:

Kelly Bernier 5 14 ext 4 (2)

Have a great week everyone!

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Art In Bloom

June 25, 2014


This past weekend I enjoyed a walking tour of Jackson, NH to see how individual gardeners put together their floral interpretations of art:



It is held by the Mountain Garden Club and this year marked their 10th anniversary of the walking tour,which is their annual gift to the valley. Art In Bloom is a walking tour of eight sites in Jackson where pieces of art are interpreted through member crafted floral arrangements:


They are all so unique. I loved this simple display:


This above was named ‘Garden Party’. She even painted the picture!

Many different and unique ideas were used as art:


This display had a nice story how this picture was her first art work purchased at nine years old:


A sign I saw on my walk I thought was cute:



This is beautiful:


If you are wondering like I was, why the artist did not use poppies like in the artwork, here was the answer:




I was telling everyone that I was glad we did not have to vote for a favorite! Too many that I really liked:


I really loved the simple displays.


This piece was really great:


Don’t you think they did a wonderful job?


A fairy garden!:


Loved this one! I met the artist and she said that everything here was made from items she found in her yard and garden.

I want one of these birdhouses:


They sell these handmade birdhouses locally. Look at the details:




Amazing! So talented.

This was really cute:


I know I said that I did not have a favorite BUT… (maybe):




Totally awesome. The photographer was there and told me he walked by an alleyway in Venice and saw these three women sitting there. He asked permission to take the photo. I love it, it is so interesting to me.

If you want to see more exhibits, or visit last year’s Art In Bloom, please visit

I hope you enjoyed! Do you have a favorite?

Kitchen Decorating Idea

June 21, 2014


I have always thought that finding the right accessory for the kitchen island was challenging. Everything looks either too small or too large. I love fresh flowers, but that can get expensive. So I usually group a few items together to get the right proportion of accessories for the size of island.

The other day, just messing around, I thought about trying a tray to keep everything together. So I took my tray from the living room:


And changed out a couple items to look more kitchen-y:


Don’t you think it is a pretty good idea to use a tray for the island? I have seen a lot of kitchen photography over the years, and I have never noticed a tray being used. Easy to lift and move everything out of the way at once. And I think I will use the tray a lot more being in the kitchen to carry and hold stuff.

I really like this tray I had bought for the ottoman. I had looked a long time for one before I found one I really liked:


And since I already looked forever for this perfect tray, I am getting the same exact one because I like it so much! Target.

target trayvia

The size works well for my island and I like that the wood tray ties in with my cabinets.

Genius! haha Give it a try in your kitchen, I think you will really like the idea!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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5 Tips I Taught Our New Local Paint Store Today

June 18, 2014


I stopped by a local hardware store today that just started carrying Benjamin Moore paint products. I don’t want to name the store or who was working, not important. He was very new to paint and Ben Moore so I told him I would give him a few helpful hints when helping customers, which he told me was sometimes a nightmare!

* Suggest Benjamin Moore White Dove when asked for the best/favorite trim and cabinet color. A good white without obvious undertones.

* Suggest to the customer that they bring in a piece of fabric or inspiration to help choose a color, NOT a cell phone picture.

* When they have no idea where to even start, ask if they are looking for a warm and cozy room (beige,red, orange or yellow) or a bright and cool room (white,blue, green or violet).

* A great place to start looking for colors is in Historical Colors. 95% of all paint colors chosen are from the Historical Collection. Tried and true! Or show them the Candace Olsen Fan Deck and tell the customer how popular she and the colors are.

* Push those paint samples! I strongly suggest buying just a small sample and testing on poster board before you paint on walls. The color will change from that small paper sample to up on the wall. Even I always do:


He was very appreciative! My good deed for the day. Do you have any other quick paint tips I could share with him to help a beginner with his new job? Thank you!

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Guest Bedroom Update

June 14, 2014

[pinterest]I recently finished an online design plan for a family guest bedroom:

deb br

Mary Ellen wanted a new and fresh guest room for her parents who stays with her a few months out of the year. And she specified that she wanted the room to look pretty! Everything in the room was going except for the carpet and ceiling fan. It is hard to see in the photos, but the carpet has a yellow undertone.

I had suggested twin beds, which I think is a great option for guest rooms. She decided to go with a queen size bed. Here is her final headboard selection:

deb bed


I wanted to brighten the room as much as possible, so I suggested white bedding:

white coverlet


With a beautiful, colorful duvet folded at the bottom of the bed:

deb duvet


I also suggested placing the headboard centered against the window to balance out the room:

deb br2

She is going to look for a small dresser for the wall on the right above. One trick I use to save space in bedrooms, is to hang the tv up on a wall bracket and out of the way:

tv stand


There were several different ways we could have gone to select a paint color using the duvet cover:

deb duvet2


She decided she loved Benjamin Moore Lavender Wash CSP-515:

CSP-515 lavender wash


Especially with the window treatments she chose:

deb window


deb bedroom

I wish I could fast forward and show you the after pictures! Mary Beth said she would share photos after she finished the room.

I think it looks marvelous! And so does Mary Beth which is what really matters. What do you think of the plan put together for the guest bedroom?

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Speak Up! The Contractor Doesn’t Always Know Best

June 8, 2014


Remember when I wrote here about my new granite counters when the installer told us that we had to have a four inch backsplash of the granite going up the wall? Well, I am so glad I researched it and then wrote a blog about it, because he was so wrong!

I assumed my so called granite expert knew what he was talking about. He has been installing counters for over 20 years. I told him at first how I wanted the backsplash tile all the way to the counter- no granite backsplash. He told me that was not a smart idea.


I am so glad that I stepped back a minute and though about it. Don’t rush me making such a big decision! After reading all of the helpful comments on my blog, I told him how I wanted it done, which was the right way.


So when your contractor//builder/painter/husband is pressuring you to make those big decisions, step back and do a little online research and also look at photos on Houzz and Pinterest. See all the different options on the ways it can be done, not just one. Then YOU make the choice and let him know what you want.


You will not regret it. Don’t let people intimidate you into decisions. They certainly do not always know what is best.

I hope you like how my kitchen redesign is coming out! Mike is doing a wonderful job. Still a lot of work to be done but it is getting done my way!

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