Month: June 2013

Simple and Beautiful Centerpiece

June 28, 2013


Are you looking for a long lasting, inexpensive way to instantly brighten up your room?

fern centerpiece


I recently saw this idea and thought it would make a perfect, quick and easy centerpiece:


Fresh flowers are still my favorite but they are not always available. Or fresh flowers might not be practical in some instances, such as in a home on the market for sale.

palm basket

Very easy to make. A $6.99 basket from Home Goods:


Two palm houseplants from Lowes at $6.00 each:


For only $20.00 you have an impressive centerpiece that will last a long time. I love that it is large and can even be used as a focal point in the room. A very classic look. For a lower look, try ferns in a basket:

fern basket

What do you think? Have you tried this simple and beautiful idea yet?

Have a great summer weekend my friends!!

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Navy Blue and Tan Living Room

June 24, 2013

tanand blue room


I know it is not a new color combination, but I think it is such a classic and beautiful look:



Do you agree? I am crazy about navy so I might be a little more inclined to be in love with it.

tan and blue room


If you wanted to plan a tan and blue living room, I would start with a tan sofa:


Find a fabulous rug with navy and tan:


And then bring in some great accessories and art:

blue art

And here is a beautiful design plan for your new tan and navy living room:

Tan and Navy Living Room

What do you think? Do you like the combination of navy and tan?

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Sofa- source

Rug- source

Lamps –source

Artwork- source

Front Door Color

June 21, 2013



Have you been looking for that perfect color to paint your front door? I want to show you another beautiful color option. I recently helped one of my long time clients online with choosing a front door color for her home:


After looking through her photos she sent me and determining which colors will work best with her exterior stone:



I suggested two colors that I thought would look great. I sent her out to get samples to try with her exterior. She wrote back and said that she loved them both! I thought they both looked so gorgeous and I too would have a hard time selecting only one. She did pick a winner which I will share with you soon when the painter is done and the project is finished.

But look how beautiful the loser color is:


Sherwin Williams 6951 Cote D’Azur

Here are her samples of the Cote D’Azur:



Isn’t it gorgeous? It is a beautiful turquoise color. Not too light nor too dark. What do you think readers? Would you consider this color for your front door? Wait until you see how pretty the winner color is!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy this beautiful weather!!

I am linking to the blog Serenity Now this weekend. Check out all of the great ideas people are sharing!

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Provence Painted Mirror, Part Two

June 18, 2013


How was your weekend? I wanted to share with you how my bedroom mirror project I started last week here:


Ended up turning out. I purchased more of the Chalk Paint® (ASCP) Provence paint to finish the job:


I loved the color of the Provence, but I decided that I wanted something a little lighter in color. I tried mixing different parts of the Chalk Paint® Provence with Chalk Paint® Old White until I found the perfect color mixture:


The mixture I was happy with was with one part Provence to three parts Old White. Perfect! See how nice it works with my bedroom fabric?:


Love it. My original plan was to rub some of the color Chalk Paint® Aubusson Blue over the finish to bring in some of the dark blue of the fabric, but I just wasn’t loving it:


I like the clean look better, don’t you? It was easy to paint over the blue. You have to experiment and try different techniques, right? So after one coat of the mixed paint, I rubbed on the Clear Wax, waited 24 hours to dry and then buffed to a beautiful shine:


I’m really happy with it! The lighter color works so much better in the room instead of the Chalk Paint® Antibes. The Magic of Paint! Still a few more projects, but I love how the bedroom is all coming together:


I have this on my husband’s bedside table:


A different way to display using books slid sideways as pedestals. Isn’t the house and mushroom so cute? There is a local store here in North Conway, NH where these little houses are made individually by special, disabled adults. They are all so sweet that I can never make up my mind which to buy!

I hope you enjoyed my mirror redesign project. So easy to do and it really is perfect!

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Bradstreet Beige Bedroom

June 15, 2013



I recently completed an online design consultation for a master bedroom. The walls were newly painted in a soft, beige color – Benjamin Moore Bradstreet Beige HC-48:

HC-48 bradbeige

Bradstreet Beige is a designer favorite because it is a beautiful neutral color. Do you see the undertone of the beige? Yellow, red or green?

If you guessed red, you are correct! Should that be taken into consideration when looking for fabrics for the room? Absolutely. I would suggest using a beige fabric background rather than a clean white. That also applies to any bright, clean colors because of the clean/dirty theory.



My client needed help choosing a fabulous duvet cover for the room as well as  lighting and accessories. She did mention to me that she loves Pottery Barn, so I started my search there. I found this pretty Blythe Paisley Organic Sateen Duvet Cover & Sham in neutral which she loved:

pb duvet

pottery barn

And here is our design plan:

PicMonkey Collage2

She is very happy! What do you think? The flower color can be used as an accent piece as well. A beautiful new redesigned bedroom.

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Antique Table Paint Transformation

June 12, 2013


My friend was nervous about painting her first piece of furniture with the Chalk Paint® (ASCP), so she asked me if I would assist her. We found this beautifully detailed old table at a yard sale for only $50.00:



She chose the color Cream, which is a soft pale warm creamy yellow:


You can see she did not wait for me to get started! 🙂 She decided to paint the chest in Cream, without giving it the distressed look, by painting it smoothly with just the Cream color:


The details of the piece are amazing! Here it is after two coats:


We both loved the color:


Pretty as it was, she did want the details to stand out a little more. My friend Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage, made a few suggestions and we decided to try a sample of the Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster by Aloha Coatings:


Pearl Plaster by Artisan Enhancements® creates an opulent and luxurious finish. Once applied, the finish will resemble velvet with a shimmering pearlescent vibrancy. Pearl Plaster is a low VOC coating that will adhere to any properly primed and prepared surface.

So we painted on the two coats of Cream, waited until that dried and then applied the Pearl Plaster to select detail pieces and let dry for an hour. Then we rubbed on the Chalk Paint® Clear Wax. After 24 hours she buffed the chest to a beautiful shine. Here is the finished product:


Do you see how the details stand out with the Pearl Plaster? So beautiful!


This color Cream works really well with her wall color Benjamin Moore Storm AF 700. Storm is a pretty gray that depending on the light in the room, can look very blue at times.

Now that my friend has tried the Chalk Paint® (ASCP), she agrees that it is a very easy way to make old furniture look beautiful. Have you tried using the Chalk Paint® yet? I can’t wait to finish my bedroom mirror now that I have ordered more paint. Weekend project!

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