Month: January 2013

Adding A Fresh Look

January 30, 2013



I am having the best time working with my new client, Shaunie. She wrote and asked for help with her entryway that she is trying to update and make beautiful:


She grew up near the ocean and loves the colors gray, white, green and blue. You can see that she incorporated these colors with her beautiful dolphin over her front door:


The color she had recently painted was perfect for the room. She had asked me about painting advice for her staircase:


She wanted to paint it black and was just looking for confirmation that it was a good idea:

photo (2)

I think it was a great idea! It looks beautiful so far!

Although we are not quite finished, here is a peek at her design board we put together so far:


Shaunie has been so enthusiastic throughout the project and it’s making the entire experience fun and I am having a great time helping her!

Would you like to see an after photo when she is through putting in all of the finishing touches? She is working so quickly and excitedly, she will be finished in no time! Right, Shaunie?

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Resale-Ready® Services

January 27, 2013



There is no secret or magic wand quick-fix to get your home ready to put on the market to sell. But there is a way I think  that makes the most sense if you hire an outside service to help you .

Lovely Vignette


This way is called Resale-Ready® which is a registered trademark of the IRN. How and why is Resale-Ready® different? The major difference is that the appointment is done in one day using your own furnishings. Which means no extra expense renting staging furniture for empty rooms:


Another significant distinction is that a Resale Ready consultation is done at the very beginning of the selling process when you decide to put your home on the market. Especially before all of your listing photos are taken! First impressions are so important!



Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are a few examples that suggest what I am referring to:

This home below is a photo of a home listed online for sale:

These photos are online representing the home to potential buyers!

Look at the photo below. No one is going to want to come and see your home when all they can see is the not so pretty bedding in the picture. I am not trying to be mean, just honest to help you sell your home.

I understand your taste may be different than mine, but it is my job as a professional to help you sell your home. It is nothing personal.

In the photo below, you are not doing any justice to a pretty corner of the room. My suggestions to help you make the room look it’s best, would be to take down the window treatments or whatever that is in the left window. The walls are a soft pretty color, so why would you hang dark and heavy artwork in the room? White or pastel colored frames would look so much better.  Please get rid of the stuffed animals and please fix up the bedding at bottom of the bed:

This is the goal of a Resale-Ready®professional. To use what you already have and make it better. It also will guarantee a quick Open House and best of all, get your home ready for the listing photos that the realtors will be using to represent your home.

As you know, you need an extra edge today when you are ready to sell your home. An IRN certified professional can help you get your home ready and sold!

Doesn’t that make sense?

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Mixing Painted Wood With Stained

January 22, 2013


Are you looking for ways to update your home’s stained trim and doors? Have you felt at a loss on how to work with your stained trim to refresh and update your home’s look?


Have you ever thought of painting your crown molding or baseboard white or cream and leaving your doors and windows stained?  I have seen quite a few beautiful rooms where both the stained trim and white painted trim are used together:


That room above is gorgeous, isn’t it? A modern, rustic look. It looks so cozy and comfortable as well as updated and fresh.


I think the new look may be the solution for a lot of homeowners that are tired of their stained look but do not want to paint all of the woodwork:

The most common combination of the two I see is a stained door and/or window with painted crown molding and/or baseboard:



Other creative ideas I have seen is painting the trim another color than white:


Or leaving just the door stained and painting everything else:


I think that dark stained doors work well with a painted trim, as long as the stain is consistent with the rest of the wood work in the room. For example, if you are mixing different wood materials (doors, beams)  the stain should be matched to look the same.


Do you have to repeat the same look throughout the home? If the rooms are open to each other, I would say yes, the baseboards, doors and crown moldings should be the same. If not, I would start with one room or a hallway and see how you like the look to determine if you want to continue in other rooms.


Do you like the look of the stained with the painted trim? Have you tried combining the two finishes in a room? I think we will be seeing a lot more rooms with the combination of the two!

I would like to thank Houzz for this amazing collection of pictures.


Helpful Guide For Ordering Window Panels

January 18, 2013




I went over my daughter’s new house today and now that things are winding down from the wedding and Holiday’s, it is time to decorate! Her bedroom was first on the list, and she is so anxious to get started! We reviewed the plans I had made for her bedroom redesign which you can see here.


She has chosen Ben Moore Coventry Gray for her wall color. I think that is a good choice because gray works well with so many great colors. Her bedroom has two windows  and after working with her today, I realized that not everyone knows the basics of buying curtains. We all have to learn sometime, right? In case you do not know the essentials, I hope I can give you a few helpful ideas to remember.


For instance, when Meg and I started talking about sizes, she did not realize there are the same standard sizes wherever you order. We went online and she found panels she loved. I showed her how to find the different sizes that are available. Next, we have to measure her window to see which size will fit best.

Room 365™ Interlocking Geometric Window Panel


Standard Ready-Made Drapery Sizes:

50” x 63”

50” x 84”

50” x 96”

50” x 108”

When I asked her if she knew where to measure  to find the correct size panel, she had no clue. I explained how hanging the rod above the window makes the window appear taller and more attractive as shown below:



Not everyone knows that! Hanging the rods higher than the actual window makes a more impressive, bolder look. Then Meg wondered if we should hang them a few inches off the floor. Please, this is important, do not ever hang your curtains inches above the floor. The bottom of the panels should touch the floor.They look like flood pants when they are up too high.

And more thing I want to mention:



When you are ready to purchase, we aware that the panels are sold individually. I think they might have sold in pairs at one time, but now they are usually sold separately. So be sure to buy two panels, one for each side, for each window. You should have heard Meg complain that she had to pay for two more because she thought they came as a set. I also suggested she buy an extra panel so that we could make a long boudoir pillow for her bed out of the window fabric. Or maybe even a cushion between her cabinets:

100_2521 (3)

She is going to paint the cabinets and trim in Cloud White. For this window above, I think a pretty shade would look best.



I don’t know if you learned anything new here today, but as my daughter made me realize, not everyone necessarily know the basics of purchasing window panels. I hope I have helped someone that is new to ordering!

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Don’t Blame The Sofa

January 15, 2013



I am working on a design plan for a homeowner that had purchased a new sofa a year and a half ago and she still is not happy with the look of the room. She was kind enough to let me share her pictures and story.

When she brought the sofa home, she was disappointed that the khaki color in the sofa was not more prominent and the darker color just overwhelmed it. She wrote, “AND if that isn’t bad enough, it is casting a gold-ish, greenish hideous hue!” Not good.

Below is a photo of her living room. She had not chosen the wall color which is a light blue:

ruth sofa

I told her that I don’t think the furniture is the problem at all, it is the color on the wall. The sofa is really nice! The light blue has a very ‘cool’ undertone color, where the sofa has warm undertones (red) and that is making the ‘dark’ color of the sofa stand out more and look as if they are clashing. And that is what was bothering her most.

sofa fabric          

She did specify that she wanted a warm color palette in the room. She had just purchased a beautiful rug that works really well with her sofa. I love how the two patterns work together:

ruth rug

There were a few different ways to go with paint color that would work, so I presented her with a few different options:

* To pull the khaki color out more in the sofa, try a sample of a soft light beige, such as BM Muslin 1037 (red undertones):



* Another color you can use for a wall color is the green taken from the rug. For example, a deeper green such as Sherwood Green HC-118:

image                 sofa fabric

* Another option to look at is a deep medium to dark blue (also in the rug). Benjamin Moore’s Water’s Edge 1635 is beautiful:


* One more option- Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth 984:


Then whichever color she chooses, she can buy pillows and accessories in the same color family to bring the room all together. “Don’t blame the sofa”, I told her. “The right paint color will totally change the look of your room and work well together with your furnishings.”

I think all four options would work well in her living room. She is picking up samples now to see which color palette she likes best. Which would you choose?

If you need help choosing the best color for your home, contact me today.

Color Ideas For After Holiday Blues

January 12, 2013



Do you feel your space is a little boring and blue since you took down all of your Christmas decorations?



I finally got to taking down the tree and all the trimmings this week. Things have seemed just been a little off, since my mother in law passed away the other day. While looking at my (now) empty and decoration-less room, I thought of her and how much she loved flowers. Using that as inspiration and knowing how they used to make her smile, I decided to purchase a $10 bouquet to help cheer up the room.



Flowers make any room instantly happier, don’t you agree?



Another simple, inexpensive way to bring more life to any room is fresh new pillows:



How about bringing in the color of the year?

Throw pillow cover emerald green and ivory 18" x 18"


Look how pretty these pillows are from Target:

Mard Toss Pillow Collection

A trend I love that is becoming popular and is another inexpensive way to bring in color is painting interior doors:




Aren’t they beautiful!? I always suggest using a gloss finish paint, not matte, and to be sure to test a sample of the paint color before committing to the whole door.



I think painting an interior door will bring instant personality and color to any boring and gloomy space! Another project I have to try!



Does anyone have other ideas to share that will bring some color indoors now?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend my friends!


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