Month: October 2012

Top Searched Paint Color

October 31, 2012



If you were to guess what is the number one searched color on my blog, which color would you guess? Navy Blue?



A pretty emerald green maybe?:


Those might be my top guesses. The number one color searched on my Restyling Home By Kelly Blog is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter HC-172:


A soft greenish gray, Revere Pewter works well in any room of the home:





I have been writing this blog for almost three years now, and today it is still the top searched paint color both daily and over all time:



And then the other day, a reader wrote and asked if I would please post a few pictures of rooms painted with Revere Pewter. So these are for you Alexis!



I love this gray paired with black:





I am glad to have Revere Pewter as one of my large sample boards, because it still is a favorite neutral of mine and I find a lot of my clients are attracted to it. A light gray with warm undertones, this classic shade creates a unifying look that works well with both contemporary and traditional design. I have found Revere Pewter is perfect for an open floor plan:



So, if you are searching for Revere Pewter to see if this color will work in your home, I think you found a winner! Grab a sample and give it a try!

Have you used Ben Moore’s Revere Pewter in your home? Do you love it? Or not? Are you thinking of using it Please share your thoughts with us!

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From Drab To Fab!

October 28, 2012

house after5best

Don’t you just love it when you receive a happy email? This is the email I received yesterday that made my day (my week!):

I just wanted send you a quick note to let you know that I’ve really been enjoying your blogs and that you inspired me to do a quick little “color” project. My front door has been white for 10 years (I can’t believe it’s been that long) and I decided to paint it yellow! I wanted a natural shade so I used a yellow autumn leave from my yard to help choose a color. It’s Behr’s “Spiced Butternut”. Here are the before and after pictures:


house before2[1]

And after:

house after5[1] 

Stunning! What a transformation. The house was very pretty before but look at the after photo! I give her a lot of credit for taking a chance and painting the front door such a bold color. That takes courage!  And look at the end result of taking a chance:

house after5best

A front door with personality! An ordinary home transformed to the prettiest home on the block! Fabulous!!

What do you think readers? Do you think her daringness paid off? Thank you so much for sharing Missy!

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Whitewashed Ceiling and Beams

October 24, 2012





I had not really noticed whitewashed ceilings and beams before my daughter moved into her new home. I had posted pictures of her bedroom ceiling here with  wood beams and my friend Nancy @ Sea Rose Cottage wrote in a great comment “A wash of color of the beams may be nice too. French Linen mixed with a little water applied over the surface would give it a driftwood feel. Good luck with the project!”



Such a great idea! So I started looking around at examples of whitewashed ceiling and beams:



Then the more I kept reading, the more I began to get confused at all the different terms! Whitewashing? Pickling the wood?  I figured out that whitewashing is basically the same procedure as pickling. Whitewashing/Pickling is a technique that allows you to brighten your wood without hiding the grain pattern. The difference is that whitewashing is using pine wood, where as pickling is the same procedure used but on oak wood. Here is a good article from DIY that explains the differences here.


Note that whitewashing is not to be confused with painted white ceilings and beams:


source    (whitewashed)

The difference is whitewashing uses paint mixed with water. Here is a photo below of a painted ceiling (not whitewashed):


source      (painted)

I think they are both beautiful! I think the question before you decide which would work best in your home is “Do you want a more rustic look in your home?”  If the answer is yes, then I would suggest a whitewashed technique:



Or do you prefer the more contemporary ‘cottage’ look:



Then the all white painted ceilings would work best for you. Which look appeals more to you? Do you like the look of the whitewashed wood? Or do you prefer the all white painted ceilings? Love to hear your thoughts!

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NYC Baby!

October 22, 2012


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I was fortunate to be invited to yet another party for my daughter Meg’s wedding coming up. I do not remember having a weekend planned by my friends to be taken to NYC to party just because I was getting married. Do you?

It was a bachelorette party and it was a blast! We took a train into Penn station, (only a 3 hour ride) Saturday morning. The minute you come out of the station, I love how you are amazed at all the action going on around you.


I have only been a few times, but I absolutely love it! Everywhere you look there is something going on. So many people, so many stores, so many restaurants and so many different sights! My eyes just can’t stop trying to take it all in.

Meg’s friends said I could bring a couple of my friends to celebrate and celebrate we did! The afternoon was for sight seeing and going to the spa. We stayed at the Empire Hotel (I would recommend to anyone, very clean and beautiful):

The rule for the night was to dress all in black with the soon-to-be-bride in white. The younger girls thought it was great but my friends and I thought that it is hard enough to look good at our age without having to wear all black. 🙂 We started at Tortilla Flats- a NY hangout with Mexican food and all you can drink in 3 hours for $60.00. Woo-Hoo!


Then off to the Meatpacking District and drinks at the Biergarten at the Standard Hotel:


Then to a bar named Brass Monkey that was so packed I was nervous up on the 3rd floor. That was a crazy place! We walked around the city in the meatpacking district after that and met some really fun people. Then on to dancing from 2:00 am to 4 am at our hotel’s rooftop club:


The next day we took a cab to do some NYC shopping:


We ate a delicious brunch at a restaurant we found along the way. So good! Then we walked around Central Park for over a hour. I thought it was so cool how the city skyline shows through the trees:

                      central park

I am so glad someone planned this beautiful park for the city. It was a lot larger than I thought! We were so fortunate to have a 70 degree day full of sunshine. Then we walked to Union Square:


See the set of stairs in the middle? That is where we sat and people watched. Very interesting. We watched a homeless man walk by us with his shopping cart. He then stopped and decided to brush his teeth in the middle of the square. He of course had to spit out his toothpaste right in the grate in the middle of the walkway. Very interesting. No one seemed to notice but us.


Then it was time to head back home. What a great time we had! I always said that if I was super rich, I would love an apartment to stay in the city overlooking Central Park. Not to live, just to visit every once in a while. I love that the city is so alive! Have you ever been? I strongly suggest if you have never been to NYC- go and visit for a few days! It is very easy to get around the city and the people are nice- really! Interesting, but nice. So many things to do!


Thanks for listening! The big wedding day is November 10, 2012. Only 19 more days! It is coming so fast!!


Inspirational Design

October 17, 2012



When you are looking at all of the beautiful room images on blogs and online:



And filling up your boards on Pinterest:



Do you ever go back to these beautiful photos of your dream rooms and use them as inspiration for your next design project?



These pictures that you have saved because you love the style and looks of the room, can be used as a great starting point for your design. For an example, I have always loved this picture of this room:

House Beautiful Glass House

So when I began my living room redesign, I referred to this photo, not to copy, but to get ideas of what I truly loved about the photo and used those ideas to build on in my design plan:


What is it that you love about this picture below:



The yellow headboard? The mix of different patterns? Study these photos you love! They might give you some great ideas!



Do you look at your favorite design pictures you have saved to give you ideas?

P.S.  I know I have used that first and third photo before in another blog, but I just LOVE them so much!!

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Wait! Pantone Has NOT Announced The Color Of The Year Yet!

October 15, 2012



The Pantone ‘FASHION’ Color Report for Spring 2013 was released in late August for New York Fashion Week * September 6-13, 2012:


The color report that was announced in August is Pantone’s top 10 choices for their 2013 Fashion Color Report, a comprehensive overview of designer’s use of color in their upcoming collections. The report features 10 colors for women’s and men’s fashion for Spring 2013!



Although I do love most of the colors, (especially the Monaco Blue), these colors are the Spring Designer Fashion Colors that will be popular in Spring 2013. Pantone does not announce it’s ‘ Color Of The Year’  until the end of November- early December.

The release of this forecast also raises a big question….what will the 2013 color of the year be? It may be one of the colors in this Spring 2013 forecast, but which one? I predict it will be one of the shades of blue or green, but we’ll have to wait awhile to see. That won’t be announced until December. What color do you predict?

I am not tying to upset anyone (especially my blogger friends I LOVE!). I could have not posted anything when I saw this online at a few site’s today. But someone else is out there ready to write it and maybe not very kindly. I just wanted to not make a big deal out of it.