Month: September 2012

Living Room Fresh Color Palette

September 27, 2012


Today I finished an online consultation with young lady from Mentor, Ohio. She wrote: “I am starting a redesign in my living room and everything is going except our chocolate brown leather sofa which is fairly new. I want to make the room look updated and fresh. I would like to stay away from beige or tan walls. Can you help bring some color in my life?”



Of course I can! 🙂  I put some paint colors and accessories together for her and she loved the ideas! I wanted to share with you but not exactly what I had given her. So I changed a few accessories and this is how it came out:


What do you think? I love both the green and the blue for the paint colors. Both colors are actually darker in real life than what is seen on the computer screen. My new friend in Ohio is very happy but now is having trouble choosing between the blue walls or green! Which would you choose?

Here are the paint colors listed and where you can find the accessories:

Paint- Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray HC-146

         Benjamin Moore Georgian Green HC-115

Striped Rug- Rugs USA

Mirror- Shades of Light

Solid Blue Pillow- Crate & Barrel

Oliveri Green Pillow- Crate & Barrel

Nesting Tables- Crate & Barrel

Lamps- Lamps Plus

Throw- Crate & Barrel

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Correct Steps For Color Selection

September 24, 2012



I know you have heard this advice many times, but I had a color consultation this morning that addresses an issue perfectly and I wanted to share with you as a reminder when selecting colors. The homeowner’s own a beautiful lake house where they are building on a large addition and needed help choosing wall colors for a new kitchen, dining room, den and master bathroom.


                                                                Steve Miller

When I went for the appointment, the owner’s had a sample of the new cabinets for the kitchen which are going to be a natural cherry. So my next question was, what are you going to use for the countertops?



They told me they decided that they definitely wanted granite so I asked to see a sample of what they chose. They did not have a sample but showed me one on the computer that they liked.



So guess what I said next? “You can not buy a granite countertop just by looking at pictures on the computer!” Not only will all the colors in the granite look much different in real life, you must bring a sample into your home with your lighting and that is the true test if you will like it or not. Then after you find the countertop you love, then we will select a wall color to work with the granite.



The same rules apply with choosing the backsplash. Select your countertop first and then select a backsplash color:



A good way to remember- always start your color choices for your room with the most expensive item (countertops, flooring or large furnishings such as your sofa) and leave your wall color choices for last. There are so many paint colors to choose from.



Follow the same steps for the bathroom. The homeowner’s had selected a tile floor, which is thankfully very neutral, but did not know which color granite they were going to choose for their countertops yet.  Again I had to tell them to find the granite they love and we will select the wall colors from the countertop they choose.



The lesson of this story? Remember to choose your large, fixed (expensive) surfaces first and then begin selecting a wall color. It is much easier to choose one of the thousands of paint colors available than the other way around. Don’t you agree?

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Color Inspiration: Navy Blue and Turquoise

September 19, 2012



I know, I know…. I have been crazy for navy lately! Such a classic, neutral color that plays so well with so many other colors:



I will be honest that when I first saw a picture of navy and turquoise together, I was not overly excited:



But then I looked a little more and found these oh-so-beautiful rooms:







Gray, turquoise and navy blue:



I realized why I do not like the navy and turquoise picture above I mentioned. I think the darker shades of turquoise with the navy work better rather than the lighter shades of turquoise:



I am not loving the light turquoise walls with the navy. I like the medium to darker shades of turquoise with the navy blue. What do you think?



I love this outfit with navy and turquoise!:



And we know Nature can not be wrong:



I do like the navy blue and turquoise together. I think it is not as striking as navy blue and the coral combination here, but still a color combination to consider!

Which color with navy blue do you love more, coral or turquoise?

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To Paint Or Not To Paint?

September 17, 2012


I have been debating about this project for quite a while now. I was going to write this post to ask your opinion, “To paint or not to paint?” But I think have already answered my own question.


As I was taking these photos of  all of the furniture details, I made up my mind that I can not paint over this piece of furniture.


This armoire is one piece of four large pieces of bedroom furniture. It was originally my husband’s father’s father. It is still in very good condition.


Here is another piece from this set:


Pretty cool vanity, don’t you think? Look at the detail up close:


I love it but I do not know what to do with it. This piece is not in the best shape:


But it is just the top and that will be easy enough to sand and stain. Does anyone know the history of these pieces? I would love to learn more about this furniture. I was going to ask you if you thought I should paint them over in a beautiful, soft color or leave as is. But I do not think I would be able to paint over this finish and never be able to get back to the original again.

So, why was I thinking of painting it over?!:

Pinned Image


That is why I consider painting everything! So beautiful and unique.

blue cabinet


See! Now I am starting to change my mind again! When I see these pictures, I feel weak!

Pinned Image


Ok, let’s take a look:



Or painted?:      

Pinned Image 

  What would you do?

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Simple Decorating For Fall

September 14, 2012

[pinterest]Leaf Specimens


Since this is going to be a busy Fall for me, (my daughter’s wedding for one venture!) I decided to look for simple, stylish ideas for decorating Autumn 2012:

Autumn Vase


All so elegant looking!


Perfectly Paired






Autumn is pretty stress free to decorate, don’t you think? You can easily find beautiful branches outdoors and you can find colorful, unique gourds everywhere:

Natural Sculpture








Look how beautiful this front door looks:



So simple and easy to do with wow results.

Grab a jar, any jar (the more unique the better):





Not sure about this one:

Below the Surface


I guess it is pretty. What do you think? Silly or a good idea?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend everyone!

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One Lovely Blog Award

September 11, 2012

I had not heard of this blog award before, so I was so pleased when my blogging friend Sheila from SZ Interiors, nominated me! Thank you Sheila, I feel honored to be given this special nomination from you!


Sheila is one of my favorite blogger friends I have made online. Not only is she super sweet and kind, she writes the best posts too! Sheila is very talented and here are a couple of my favorite projects she made:

DIY: Zipping Up A Lamp Shade, Painting It With Colour!

SZ Interiors

And I love this!:

Old 2×4 Reclaimed, Repurposed & Brought to Life

Reclaimed 2x4 Tea Light Holder

SZ Interiors

In honor of this award, Sheila says I have to share 7 things about myself with you! So here goes:

*    I love to curl up with a good book, read a bit, then take a nap!



*    I enjoy any type or size of painting project. The results make me feel so great!


*    I really love taking pictures of interiors and exteriors, although I am not very good, YET!

*    I thank God everyday for my wonderful family, our health and my home in New Hampshire.

2009 10 13 052

*    I love sharing a bottle (or two) of good Pinot Grigio with friends and family!


*    I love how happy people are when I help them color and decorate their home. Their happiness makes me happy!

* I love all of my friends I have made while blogging. To think I would have never met some of my favorite people!

And now I am passing on this nomination to:

Linda Holt Interiors

The Decorologist

CN Designs

Bungalow At Home

Karen Davis Design

Pass it on, and nominate 15 other bloggers (or as many as you can). Don’t forget to add the blog award logo to your post and thank the person who nominated you!

Have some fun with this! :-)