Month: August 2012

Creative Switch Plate Covers

August 31, 2012

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Obviously, you would not notice the switch plates in a beautifully photographed room:

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But I know, and you know, that they are there. I found out the hard way that switch plates do not photograph well:

2011 05 24 010

A couple years ago, I took photos of a den and kitchen redesign that I just finished. I posted here, and was feeling pretty good about it until one of my readers wrote in and told me that it was a pretty room except for the switch plates so obviously sticking out! GASP!

2011 05 24 003

Ever since then I have been crazy about the ugliness of the switch plate! I have tried painting them:


But I think it makes the plate stand out even more. So when I saw an easy idea on pinterest on how to cover them, I thought I would give it a try to these naked switch plates:



I had fabric left over from pillows I had made:


All you need is a small piece of fabric to cover the plates, Mod Podge and a small brush to apply:


First, cut the fabric around the covers. Then apply a layer of Mod Podge over the plate cover. Lay your fabric piece on top of the Mod Podge and press down, smoothing down any creases:


Let dry for about an hour and then trim excess fabric off. I used a razor knife to cut a hole for switch and screw holes (don’t forget to make a hole for the screws! I did!):


Then I used my fingers to glue down edges in back of plate:


The last step is to cover the fabric with a couple coats of Mod Podge:


And let dry. That’s it! Very easy and quick. Here are the switch plate covers after:





Much better. It was a fun project to play with, but I do not think I would go around the house covering all plates. What do you do with your plate covers? Is it an issue with you?

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!

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#1 Decorating Tip for Home Sellers

August 28, 2012

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When looking online and in newspapers at home listings, have you ever noticed the number of homes that still have outdated window treatments?

before after real estate remodeling renovation photos den Phoenix Arizona home house


If you are serious about selling your home, be sure to take a look at your windows. If you do not have custom-made window treatments that are less than eight years old, it is time to take them down.


Even though it’s difficult to separate your emotions, try to remember that when you are selling your home, it needs to be as neutral as possible. Since each person’s home style is so different, try to make your home a ‘blank canvas’ so a potential buyer can really see themselves in your home. You have to remember your good taste might not be someone else’s good taste.

1990s home décor interior design Phoenix homes Design Through the Decades



What are “outdated window treatments”? I am not referring to privacy blinds, but those swags and panels you have covering your windows that have been there since the 1990’s. And those panels that do not come all the way to the floor? They need to be taken down.


I cannot tell you how many times on a staging consultation that I walked up to the windows and pulled back the curtains in a home and the client says “Ohhhh..” The light that fills the room immediately makes such a great change and feel in the room. Best of all, it is free!

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By removing your curtains, the room will instantly be lighter and brighter which will make the room appear larger. Which home do you think a potential home buyer will fall in love with? A dark, deary home or a brightly lit space? The sunshine will win every time.

Open Your Windows To Paint


So take down those curtains and let the beautiful outdoors shine through! Not only will potential buyers be impressed, but you might love the look yourself!


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Goose Creek Candle Winner!

August 27, 2012


Thank you to everyone that entered the Goose Creek Candle contest. I really wish everyone could have won. And the winner of the drawing for the 16 oz. American Heirloom Jar is:

                                    Beth Lester!


Yay Beth! Beth wrote, “Mulled Cider sounds wonderful!” I am glad you will be able to actually smell the scent of the cider Beth.  I will contact you by email to get your address information. And thank you Goose Creek!!

Cover Photo

Thank you to all that shared their favorite scent with us. Remember Goose Creek Candle Company is also offering an exclusive coupon code to my readers to get 25% off of your purchase. Enter 082212 when you check out and you’ll receive 25% off your entire order! Offer will expire September 30, 2012.

Thank you all!!

Goose Creek Candle Giveaway!

August 22, 2012


You all know how I love to try new products to share with you. So you can imagine my delight to be asked to sample a candle product from Goose Creek Candle Company. Yay! I love candles!


I was offered to try any one of their 45 delicious scents to choose from. I chose Spice Cake which is one of their Autumn Collection scents. Spice Cake is described as the home baked goodness of a delicious spice cake with warm kitchen spices, baked apples, pecans, brown and vanilla sugar and a touch of chocolate caramel. YUM!! Goose Creek Candles are made in the USA and are the cleanest burning candles on the market. I really needed a scented candle right now to get rid of the stale air from using the air conditioner all summer. I don’t know if we have ever run the A/C so much in a summer. Thank goodness we had it- it was a very hot summer!


The Victorian Style jar is part of the American Heirloom Collection. Here is the link for the Victorian Collection here.  One of my favorite things I like about the candle is that the scent is very nice without being overpowering like some candles can be.


I also like that they are handmade and burn smokeless.  Another quality I was really impressed with is how pretty the jar was:


When looking through their website at the candles,take a look at their Glassware here.  They have beautiful jars for sale, globes and this idea that I loved:

Multi Size Pillar Base

These glass multi-size pillar bases made of glass are reversible so you can use it with more then one size pillar candle! Genius and only $5.00! I already plan to use them not only to hold candles but also use as small pedestals for my display groupings.

Goose Creek Candle Company has offered a special deal for my readers! I am going to have a giveaway and the one lucky winner will receive a 16oz American Heirloom Jar and will be able to choose the scent they want. How to enter:

Visit Goose Creek Candle Company then come back here and leave a comment letting me know which candle/scent you would love to win. Contest ends at midnight Sunday, August 26, 2012 at midnight EST.The winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Monday, August 27.

They are also offering an exclusive coupon code to my readers to get 25% off of your purchase. Enter 082212 when you check out and you’ll receive 25% off your entire order! Offer will expire September 30, 2012. Which scented candle will you choose?

Good luck my friends!!

Tea Party Bridal Shower!

August 20, 2012


This past weekend, we celebrated my daughter Meghan’s bridal shower. She is getting married November 10, 2012 and time is speeding up so fast! She reads my blog (!) so I wanted to wait after the shower to share.


That’s my baby girl Meg! Notice everything is purple. Her best friend and fiancé both suggested that I tell her about the shower a couple of days before so that she could be ‘ready’. 🙂 We had it at a beautiful wine vineyard nearby.


That’s right- a Tea Party at the Vineyard! 🙂 Perfect for our friends and family. We did not have much decorating to do because the grounds are so beautiful and everything was set up for us. But we did add a few special touches. Meg still loves dinosaurs:


And we found some sweet pictures of her when she was little playing a bride:


Liz is her best friend since second grade and maid of honor.

Meg received such great gifts and had a fun time opening!



The place was wonderful, the food and wine perfect. We gave out bottles of wine for the favors:


You can tell her mom was having a good time as usual!:


I just wanted to share with you my online friends! I can’t believe my little girl is getting married. Anyone else going through the wedding process right now?

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The Personality Of A Credenza

August 16, 2012

Brutalist Freeform Credenza


The credenza that first caught my eye was on my friend Sheila’s post, A Credenza Mystery in which she tracked down the history of Don Draper’s credenza used in his new office in Season Four. I love the detail! It is such a beautiful piece of furniture:



You do not hear the word ‘credenza’ used often anymore. What is the definition of a credenza? The common description of a credenza is a long, flat topped storage unit that has been in existence since the 19th century.
Credenzas can have drawers, cabinets or both and are made from a variety of woods, metal and even plastic. When I hear the word credenza this is what I always imagine:


But now they have so many names for this versatile piece of furniture:

Sofa table
TV console
Media console

Their sizes vary accordingly to what the piece is ‘named.’ For example, 74 ¾”W x 18”D x 26 ½”H is a standard size of a credenza, where as a buffet’s standard size is 31″ H x 53″ W x 18″ D.  I think that the best attribute of the credenza is its versatility to be used in so many ways.  Originally used just in the dining room, credenzas are now being used in all rooms of the home; from the living room as a television stand to an office used as a desk:


And they are even being used in the bathroom!:


While researching for this post, I went online to shop for a credenza to see how available they are and also to see the prices. I found none at Pottery BarnRestoration Hardware had a lot of sideboards but no credenzas. Ikea also had a few sideboards for sale but only one had the look I like:



Searching online Target, credenza came up as entertainment units:

Palladia  Entertainment Credenza - Cherry


Crate and Barrel was my favorite I found:



But I really did not find that personality piece I was looking for. One of the reasons I love a ‘credenza’ is for their detailed look. I am sure you could find a beautiful one if you wanted to pay in the thousands for one. Or maybe if you are lucky, you can  come across one at an estate sale or auction. I googled ‘1960 credenza’ and look at the images:



These are the credenza pieces I love! Such personality!

Do you like them? Do you have an ‘older’ version of a credenza? I think they would look great in any style room. Great for storage and another tabletop to style. Fabulous!

If you need finding the perfect piece for your home, contact me today.