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Front Door Personality

May 29, 2012

Don’t you love the character of a beautifully painted front door?

Outrageous Green SW6922:

Ben Moore wythe blue HC-143:

Just painting your front door can turn your so-so entrance into a stunning accent. A reader recently wrote and asked if I could list a few different color selections for a front door with the color name listed. She did not mention what type of home she has (brick, white, etc),  so I have listed a few of my favorites I have seen recently:

BM pomegranate AF-295:

Benjamin Moore

BM white opulence OC-69:

white opulence

Or how about Ben Moore baby seal black 2119-30:


2114-10 Bitttersweet Chocolate:

Painters Place

Look how pretty this Valspar’s Eddie Bauer Home in Full Sun color:

Young House Love

Front Door firenze AF-225:

Craftsman bungalow painted in gray Benjamin Moore exterior paint

BM dolphin af-715:


Benjamin Moore’s Cayman Lagoon 2046-30:

turquoise door

House Beautiful

Love this one!!Benjamin Moore’s Dark Purple:

Make It Pop!

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4:

I think this is my favorite! Ben Moore’s #2067-20 starry night blue:

I have a mirror I painted the starry night blue. I love it. . This color does have a lot of purple undertones so just be aware of that if you decide to use it.

Ben Moore tarrytown green HC-134:


When researching for front door colors with the paint names listed, I came across a recent blog from Maria Killam that posted a few great paint colors:

Beauti-tone: French Navy Blue SC007:

Beauti-Tone: Earthenware 3E1-8:


So pretty! Click here to see more of Maria’s Ten Best Front Door Colors.


Can you tell I love blue?  Which is your favorite? Just be sure to test your samples as if you were painting an inside room in your home!  Be sure the color works with your existing exterior colors and your hardscaping.  Look at the color in the harsh sunlight as well as at night to be sure you love before you paint!

If you need help choosing color for your home, contact me today.

Antibes Mirror Makeover

May 27, 2012

astilbes 051 

The first time I saw the color  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color Antibes Green, I immediately knew I wanted to use it somehow, somewhere:


work by Annie Sloan photo credit Christopher Drake

Isn’t the green beautiful? I knew I wanted to paint it on something! When I saw this boring old mirror in my bedroom, I knew I had found my willing subject!:

astilbes 005

This mirror is probably over ten years old that I had picked up from Bombay. I loved the size, shape and color but it is really heavy! My hubby said he will not hang it. 🙁  I could only find somewhere to lean it.

astilbes 001

It just sat it up there on my dresser because I did not want to just get rid of it because it looked outdated. It just needed a little love and paint. So Antibes project here we go!

astilbes 008

My wonderful friend Nancy at Sea Rose Cottage had supplied me with a sample jar to try and I knew it would be plenty enough to give two coats of paint to the mirror. First I wiped everything on the mirror down and then painted it with a quick coat:

astilbes 013

One of the things I loved about the mirror when I bought it, was all the different grooves and designs etched into it:

astilbes 011

So after painting, I sanded off some of the paint in areas so the detail of the etchings were more visible. I sanded it a bit with a piece of fine sandpaper until I liked the look:

astilbes 033 

After sanding, I wiped it down with a wet rag and after it was dry, I painted on another coat, then sanded again when dry. The sanding really put the personality into the piece:

astilbes 045 

Now it was time to wax. I have learned when using the dark wax, you only need a tiny drop of dark wax mixed with the clear wax:

astilbes 042

You could always add more dark wax if needed. After I finished waxing with my mix, I took just a small dab of the dark wax and wiped it on here and there for darker highlights. Wait to dry a few hours, then it is ready to buff! I just used an old t-shirt and shined it up.

astilbes 043


astilbes 056 


What do you think? It actually looks slightly darker than the photo shows. I love painting projects. Especially when they do not cost anything! Have you painted anything interesting lately?

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Look what I saw when I was driving down the road in NH:

astilbes 024

“Hello, is anyone home?”

astilbes 027

Unbelievable! Glad I was sitting in the car! I don’t know if the people were home or not. It just walked off into the woods after that. I hope those people are not feeding  it! Did you notice the yellow sign in the first picture? It says ‘Bear Crossing.’

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Candice Olson’s Five Favorite Neutrals

May 19, 2012

[pinterest]Candice Olson

Candice Olson

Beautiful. Natural. Modern. I have always been one of Candice Olson’s biggest design fans!


I love her style and use of color. When Candace came out with her list of her five “Go To” Benjamin Moore colors, I could not wait to check them out. As soon as I found them, I pinned them to my pinterest color board. And there they sat! Then I heard someone comment on the colors yesterday and I realized I have not even taken a good look at them yet! Have you?



You can tell by her designs that she loves working with natural materials in her designs such as wood, stone, linen and wool.

A lot of the colors that she uses come from items that you see in nature. Her color list was chosen around colors such as stormy skies and misty, watery greens. All of these color choices are from Benjamin Moore.


Nimbus Gray, a cool gray-blue which reminds Candace of stormy skies that can be used as dramatic color or serene. 

Gray Mirage- 2142-50, a serene misty gray-green that Candace loves. Works well with many different colors. This color looks beautiful with your wood floors and trim.

Pale oak OC-20 is a beautiful natural beige color, that Candace likes to use with natural stone such as limestone and travertine. Pale oak is a very light neutral with a slight blush (pink/red) undertone.

Niveous OC-36 is a gorgeous cream hue. It is a warm neutral with yellow undertones that works well with natural elements:

And last but not least- Cloud White OC-130.

Ms. Olson did comment on how she loved to work with Niveous for the walls with Cloud White on the ceiling and trim.

I love this:

beasley atlanta living room

I tried to find photos of her rooms that the color name was listed to share but I could not find any.

Love this too!:


Love them all!:

Aren’t all these rooms so gorgeous? I think I will take a closer look at her neutrals and maybe consider using them on my next project. What do you think of her go-to colors? Do you use any of them regularly (beside cloud white)?

All photos from

If you need help choosing colors for your home, contact me today.

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DIY Sunburst Mirror

May 14, 2012


As you know, I have a slight passion for mirrors. I have written numerous blogs on decorating with mirrors here, here and here. I feel they are a major part of a room design:


Meg Braff

I found a starburst mirror that I loved at Ballards:


But the price tag was way more than I wanted to spend on a mirror ($349.00). I noticed a starburst mirror on Pinterest that was really pretty and it was a do-it-yourself project.


I love making things but I never want it to look like it was a DIY project. I thought this mirror from K Sarah Designs was really pretty and it sounded easy even for me!


I followed her directions with a few changes in materials and directions.


* Wood shims (I used 2 different sizes: 4 packs of 42 count, 12″ long shims, and 11 packs of 14 count, 8″ long shims from Lowes)
* Wood glue (I used Elmer’s Wood Glue)
* Gorilla glue
* Round mirror (I used a 14″ diameter beveled mirror from Michaels)

* Thin plywood sheet for the backing. I used a 12” x 12” sheet from Michaels.

*Polycrylic Spray

* Heavy duty hanging hardware



First, figure out how you want to lay the shims. I followed Kristen’s advice and went with groupings of 9 for the 12” shims and grouping of 7 for the 8” shims.


I did not want the grouping to be perfect- I liked the varied look to go with the finish of the shims which was irregular. Plus, it was so much easier! So I just laid out a piece and started gluing together:




For the last piece, I matched the ends with the first piece so they would all be the same size:


Each grouping makes up a starburst. Then I let them sit and dry for a couple hours:


For the next part of the project, I followed Kristen’s advice and made 15 large starburst groups and 15 of the smaller starbursts. I found the middle of my 12 x 12” plywood and started my pattern like this:


I laid out a pattern I liked then started gluing them to each other and to the plywood backing. You may need to add in an individual shim here or there if all the ray groupings don’t complete an entire starburst or you need to fill in a little space.



After I let it dry for a couple hours, I sprayed with a couple coats of Polycrylic to seal. If you want to paint your starburst, first spray with primer then spray paint with a couple coats of paint. Let that dry. Next, I glued the back of the mirror with Gorilla and wood glue in the middle of the starburst and weighed down overnight to set:


To attach the hanging hardware, I attached two screws to the plywood and secured heavy duty wire between them:


Then it is ready to hang up and enjoy!:



I really love the way it came out! The entire project was under $35.00 and only took a few hours to complete (plus drying time). It was fun too! Do you like making projects? It is not perfect but that’s why I love it more. Not bad for the first mirror I made!

Update: I made another mirror here in blue if you would like to see.

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Pink Is A Big Girl’s Color!

May 8, 2012


Andrea Anthony Brooks

Remember a little while back when I wrote about finding a new color for my office here?  I loved all the office photos from Pinterest that show the rooms in pretty light blues and greens. I decided Ben Moore Palladian Blue was my color choice until someone from California paints contacted me and asked if I would like to do a color project together!


California Paints

I love their Timeless Trends 2012-2013 color collection which I wrote about here:

t_reminisque[1] t_coastal[1]

Reminisce Coastline

t_poptech[1] t_phoenix[1]

Pop Tech Pheonix

Meanwhile, my friend Andrea Anthony Brooks had her home showcased in At Home in Arkansas and I just fell in love with it!:


Isn’t it beautiful?? Her rooms helped me break out of my box with all the blues in my home and I decided to work with the California Paints Pop Tech palette which includes a beautiful pink Art Deco:


And my accent color will be a deep Spanish blue (of course I have to have a blue!) called Jazz Age:


Thank you Andrea for your inspiration and helping me think out of my blue box. I love all of your color choices and how you brought your traditional décor into the mix to make it a colorful, inviting home with lots of depth and character! Just gorgeous my friend!!

This weekend I am going to follow my own advice and paint a poster board in the color Art Deco to see how it will look in my new office. I will let you know how I make out!

Have you thought of using pink in any of your rooms? Don’t you just love Andrea’s home?!

If you need help choosing colors for your home contact me today.

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