Month: February 2012

Do Butcher Block Countertops Work In A Contemporary Kitchen?

February 28, 2012


I am working with a client who has a very contemporary home. We are redesigning her kitchen and she wants to change her island countertop from beautiful black granite:

clip_image001 pinterest a butcher block countertop. Why, do you wonder? (I did!) She wants to change it mainly because of the never ending job of cleaning and wiping to keep it looking clean and streak free. Also she wanted a large working area for cooking and baking.


My first thought was no, a butcher block countertop will not work in a modern setting. Butcher block countertops tend to look too relaxed, vintage and cottagey:


But wait! I started to find butcher block islands with black granite countertops:


I am loving the personality of the wood!


I like how the islands are breaking up the kitchen from looking too sterile:


I’m convinced that the island with the butcher block will bring great personality to her kitchen. I am going to suggest to her that I would love to see a butcher block island in her new kitchen!

What do you think? Does a butcher block island work in a contemporary kitchen?

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All photos from pinterest.

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February 24, 2012



I have a sweet, wonderful person I work with online helping her with color selections and decorating. Her name is Rose and we have done quite a few projects together. She is always so kind telling me how much I have helped her. But now I am pleased to say, “Thank you Rosie for teaching me something new!”



Rose asked my advice on painting her bathroom cabinets over after we had selected BM Gentle Gray 1626 for her walls: