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Best Of 2011

December 26, 2011

revere pewter

I thought it would be fun to copy the idea from the 2011 countdowns and make a list of the top five posts (ranked by top visited posts) at Restyling Home by Kelly Blog. Below are some of the top ranked (and also my favorite!) posts from 2011:

Number 5:

Working With Bold Wall Colors

This blog featured advice and hints from designers on how to use bold wall colors and how to make them become the star of the room.

Number 4:

Best Wall Colors for Stained Trim

paint with trim

What are some of the best wall colors that compliment a stained trim? Do you have the perfect wall color but confused on which stain to pick for your trim? This blog features pictures and advice on how to beautifully pair stain and wall color.

Number three:

Top 20 Selling BM Paint Colors for 2010


Although Benjamin Moore has hundreds of colors, this blog highlighted the top 20 colors from 2010. Will you be surprised at the results?

Number Two:

Christmas Tablescapes


This post featured photos of inspiriting Christmas table ideas. There were so many visitors it almost tied with the number one post!

Number One:

Pottery Barn’s Spring 2011 Colors

View in Room

Visitors loved this post! The magic of Pottery Barn enhanced with Ben Moore colors was the viewers favorite of 2011.

My favorite of 2011:

Using the 60 – 30 –10 Color Rule

Although it wasn’t one of the top viewed blogs of 2011, my blog on Using the 60 – 30 –10 Color Rule was my 2011 favorite. This post was my favorite because I think it is a great color rule to remember when choosing colors for your rooms and how to keep the room colors balanced.

I hope you enjoyed looking back with me. Which was your favorite post of 2011?

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Design Advice From Jeffrey Bilhuber

December 9, 2011

“Design Obstacles Are Nothing More Than Opportunities”

Quote from Jeffrey Bilhuber’s Design Basics

I picked up this book again the other day from my book collection. Jeffrey Bilhuber has always been one of my very favorite designers which you might have guessed from all of the posting of his rooms I do:

I love his work!

I think Design Basics is a great book with a lot of informative design advice for today, even though was first published in 2003. Every time I look through the book,  I still learn something new. I think my favorite chapter was named “Obstacle or Opportunity.” Jeffrey gives creative solutions for several home preexisting conditions. For example, he gave ideas to make a low ceiling look like it has some height:

His simplest solution is to paint the ceiling with good quality high-gloss paint. “Glossy paint reflects the light, creating a vertical illusion and making your eye perceive the ceiling to be higher than it really is.”

One of my best design tips I learned from Jeffery is instead of emphasizing the ceiling and it’s relationship to the wall, emphasize your baseboard. “Most new structures have a baseboard no higher than three inches- if one at all. I suggest making a much larger one. That can be as simple as installing a twelve-inch-high, one-inch-thick plank of wood all around the room.

You could, for instance buy two or three stock baseboards and stack them together to create significantly more architectural detail. This trick will visually increase the height of the room by a third simply by emphasizing the weight at the bottom of the room, making the upper part of the room feel lighter and more airy.”

What a great idea! Now I am noticing the tall baseboard molding in most all of his rooms. He is a genius! Another really good idea I gained from the book was about changing out those little Lilliputian windows in your bath or powder room. We spend a lot of time in there. Why not make that room even more attractive?  Doesn’t that make so much sense?

What a great Christmas gift for your decorating friend! I have Jeffrey’s new book on my Christmas list- The Way Home. Anyone else have any great design books you would suggest? Love to hear them!

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Other designers I love:

Color Extraordinaire Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Designer Favorite Amanda Nisbet

Decorating Your Own Wreath

December 4, 2011

wreath 017

Do you decorate a wreath for the Holiday’s? I do love the simplicity of the simple red bow on a wreath.

But I really love to buy a plain wreath every year and decorate it myself. Below is an artificial wreath that I like to decorate every year:

wreath 001

The BIG trick in using an artificial wreath is to be sure to spread out the branches! It is all compacted and squished when you first bring home. Remember to always take the time to spread out the branches so that it will look more realistic.

There are a few ways you can secure ornaments to your wreath. I think the easiest way to attach items is to tie a floral stick to the ornament:

wreath 004

And then it is very easy to poke the ornaments into the wreath.

wreath 006

You can also use a glue gun to secure the balls:

wreath 014

Floral wire (shown above) is another option. Cut a small piece of wire and string through top of ornament and then tie secure to the wreath branch:

wreath 016

For the bow on your wreath, you can make one yourself or you can buy a bow already made for only a couple dollars. Just have fun with it! Decorate as little or as much as you like:

wreath 019

With an artificial wreath, you can take off the bow and all your ornaments and save as well as your wreath. And make a new masterpiece next year!

Here is another easy project:

wreath 028

Gather a few different varieties of branches together. For this project, I used four varieties of branches. First, secure the bunch tightly together at the stems. You can use wire or I tied a heavy rubber band to secure:

wreath 029

Next, I hung my created swag on a wreath hanger:

wreath 030

I then tied a big red bow around the back of the swag and wreath holder:

wreath 032

Ta Da!! Pretty easy and it looks great. I bet you would have to pay $20.00 for a swag this pretty! 🙂 Ok, one more little project I worked on today:

wreath 035

My little Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Look at the stand someone actually made. So of course I have to decorate in the true CB fashion:

wreath 037

The Peanuts gang would be so proud:

wreath 038

wreath 047

This tree fits in very well with the rest of our old-fashioned Christmas decorated home:

wreath 040

We still love the big colored lights and the homemade decorations on the tree:

wreath 045

How do you decorate your home for Christmas? Bright and colored? Or clean and white? Do you decorate your own wreath?

Now don’t get too excited, but these are photos only from my New Hampshire home. I will show you my Rhode Island Christmas decorating pictures soon! 🙂

If you need help decorating your home for Christmas, contact me today.

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