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My Interview with Maria Killam

January 10, 2011

What do you think you know about Maria Killam?

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My Photo  Maria Killam, top interior designer and the creative mind behind the popular blog ‘ Colour Me Happy,’ agreed to sit down and answer a few questions inquiring minds want to know!  She has a passion for colour and she is known for creating happy, warm, comfortable and inspired spaces for her clients.


What is your favorite thing to do when you are not blogging (or thinking about blogging, or looking for pictures, or shopping for blogging, etc.) ? : ) 

My PhotoThat is such a good question.  I was having a conversation with a new friend the other day and she asked me if I’d seen 2 of the latest movies and I said no. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the show. What I like to do when I’m not blogging is spend time with my family and see my nephews.

Colour me Happy

What was your most challenging design project?

My PhotoAs a new designer I found the most challenging spaces to be the ones where there was no inspiration whatsoever and the client was not clear about what they wanted either. Now that I have a ‘look’ that I’m hired for, I find it much easier to pull a space together from scratch, based on the clients likes and preferences of course.

What was the best thing you’ve ever bought/done for a customer?

My PhotoThe best thing is when the accessories and lamps arrive and the house suddenly becomes cozy and filled with atmosphere. 

Dining room wong
Maria Killam Design

What was your favorite job ever?

My PhotoOkay this might sound cheesy but I love each house I get to decorate from the beginning so I can’t say one is better than the other.  The space that is the most ‘my look’ were the last two homes that I decorated.  The loft in Yaletown and the large home in White Rock.

Maria Killam Design

Now that we know how to determine the undertones of beige, because of all your great posts teaching us, what color would you suggest to paint the walls if you wanted to downplay the pinky beige in a carpet?

My PhotoThe only colours you are left with (besides pink) is green, blue, purple, or grays with those undertones.  Most people aren’t going to paint the main areas of their house purple or blue so then you are left with green which makes the carpet look even more pink.  So to downplay the pinky beige you need gray tones (still with green or even pink undertones but grayed down) like Natural Linen, Manchester Tan, Smoky Taupe, Revere Pewter or the other option would be to paint the walls a dark and dramatic colour (anything except yellow would work) and then because there is so much contrast the carpet starts to look neutral.

How do you help others see the difference between a pinky beige and a greenish beige?

My PhotoBy comparing one to another.  The minute I show a client (or anyone), they see it immediately.

What’s the number one piece of advice that you would give couples who are just starting to decorate on their own?

My PhotoThat is a tough one.  Working with $5,000,  I would suggest to them to find a designer that will be able to help them make IKEA furnishings look beautiful and fun.

What design project are you most proud of and why?

My PhotoI loved the loft I did in Yaletown. It has such a great fresh look to it and the drapes really make the room (it was a rental so she didn’t want to paint the whole thing, which is why we just did the green accent wall). It also made the cover of the September 2009 Issue of BC Home.  I still have 20 copies of that magazine around here somewhere.

Maria Killam Design

Would you like to share your goals with us for ‘Colour Me Happy’ in 2011?

My PhotoMy goals this year are many but a big one is to publish an ebook. The title is a secret.


Maria Killam Design
Maria Killam Design

Thank you so much Maria. It was fun and interesting speaking with you about blogging, decorating and everything in between!  I hope  you all enjoyed the interview as much as I enjoyed having her here!

Comments?   Other questions you would like to ask Maria?

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Help Selecting Paint Colors

January 6, 2011

We know that paint is the easiest and least inexpensive way to update and refresh a room without having to change anything else. So why are we always holding back and afraid of making the wrong color decision?

Do you tend to stress out and seem to run around in circles when it is time to select a paint color for your home?

Do you put off the project again and again because you are so hassled and anxious about it?

Are you having trouble knowing exactly where and how to start your decorating project??

File Photo
File Photo

These are the most common dilemmas I hear when talking with clients about choosing a paint color.   They just freeze up because they do not know where to start and then end up painting boring beige again to be safe or end up not painting at all.  Just think how proud you would be every time you walked in the room to see what a gorgeous room you did yourself!   And believe me, the right paint color is what brings the room alive, what makes it go from drab to beautiful, and what brings everything in the room together.

Kelly Bernier Designs
Kelly Bernier Designs

Well, if you would like to start the new year by learning the basics of color selection for your home, check out my video: The Magic of Paint – Choosing Wall Colors For Your Home. It is especially geared toward those homeowner’s who need help figuring out where to actually begin the decorating process. It helps guide you step by step on how to ask yourself the right questions before you even begin making  color choices in your home.


You will also learn how to begin the paint selection process using your existing furnishings.  The video is fun and educational with many decorator hints and tricks.  One tip I talked about in the video was that by adding a black element, for instance a black box, a black picture frame or other black accent piece, you clarify and enhance all the other colors in the room.  Try it- it really works!

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Bloopers are included at the end of video for your enjoyment. I had a great time making it!


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