Working With Existing Kitchen Tile

November 23, 2012


Like many of us working on a room redesign, my friend Rosie from Texas has been updating her kitchen in steps as money and time allows. Here is the original kitchen where we started:



Since Rosie has always dreamed of a white kitchen, her first project was to paint her dark cabinets with Benjamin Moore White Dove Int. Room in a semi-gloss finish:



Rosie has never been too crazy about the color of her range hood:


Until I showed her this beautiful picture :



Rosie wants to maybe replace her existing tile to an all white subway tile (but not in the near future), so for now we need to pick a wall color that will work with the existing tile:


Although Rosie would like to paint the walls white, the clean, bright whiteness of the existing tile made all of the white paint colors we tried next to it, look dirty. Below is a sample of Ben Moore Intense White:


Another color we tried was gray. I suggested a couple grays with different undertones such as Grey Wisp 1570 (green undertones) and below is the tile with samples of Tranquility AF-490 (blue undertones), on the right, with Revere Pewter HC-172 (green undertones- but sometimes looks pink depending on the light) on the left:



I was afraid the Tranquility color would look too baby blue once up on the entire wall. The Revere Pewter worked well with the tile, the hood,  the black granite countertops (black and Revere Pewter look great together!) and the white cabinets. She decided to go with Revere Pewter:



But wait! 🙂 She said that she liked it, but thought it looked a bit too beige and a little boring. She wanted something a little bolder with more personality. If you look at the tile, you will see that not many colors are going to work with it. Not yellow, red or green. The original kitchen had turquoise walls, which worked but Rosie wanted a change. What color is left? Neutral blue.


I know that Rosie loves navy and white together so I suggested that since her kitchen is so open and bright, to try a sample of Hale Navy HC-154 (above). A beautiful color with personality!

Well, she loved it and went for it!:


I think it is beautiful. I like how it toned down the blue in the tile and that it works well with the range hood. And navy with white- gorgeous!:


Rosie is not sure if she loves it. She makes me laugh so hard with her stories about her husband getting mad at her for changing her mind! For now, I told her to try and live with it and see how she feels about it in a couple weeks.

What would you do?? I will keep you updated! Thank you Rosie for letting me share!

If you need help selecting the perfect paint color for your home, contact me today.


  1. [email protected] says:

    I think the Revere Pewter looked awesome. If she felt that seemed too boring, she may not be as much of a white kitchen girl as she thinks. When I have clients that feel a white kitchen isn’t enough color, sometimes we end up going with darker base cabinets with more “color.” Maybe Hale Navy on the base cabinets and Revere on the walls? Hubby would no doubt kill her . . .

  2. Ladies thank you for your comments. I did not think that the Revere Pewter was boring but I didn’t think it was the right color for my hood and tile but I do love Revere Pewter and by looking at these pictures I’m kicking myself for not keeping it!

  3. I love the direction the Hale Navy is leading, but something a bit lighter would bring more energy into the room. It’s looks just as dark as the countertops on my monitor. Her artwork will look even better too!

  4. Just browsing some home blogs looking for inspiration for my kitchen makeover and came across this article. That navy blue contrasted with the white is genius! My kitchen is light and airy so the navy won’t make it too dark. So pleased I found this, now to hit the paint store!

  5. I actually thought her kitchen was gorgeous to begin with, but I understand the need for a change. I love the navy blue – dramatic & stunning.

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