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A Perfect Wedding Day

November 12, 2012


I just could not wait to share a few pictures from my daughter Meghan’s wedding this past weekend! These photos were all taken by Meg and Ian’s friends and family.

After two major storms in a two weeks period, their day ended up a perfect, blue-sky, New England warm day. The weather was just perfect! Friday night rehearsal night was so fun:


Bridesmaids shots at the rehearsal! Then we woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful morning on the ocean in Bristol, RI:

29573_10100106586930973_1014147160_n[1]Six AM! wakeup for makeup and hair and then before we knew it, it was time for Meg to get ready for the aisle:


561720_10100106589216393_1630043682_n[1]Awwww…. She looked so gorgeous.

Then off to be married in the church:

63185_787286649267_961223359_n[1]The ceremony was beautiful. I said that I was not going to let myself cry, but when I saw my daughter and her Dad coming down the aisle, I just lost it. And here is the whole family now:

image (5)From the left; our son Kyle, the groom Ian, my baby girl Meghan, me with what looks like a stiff neck 🙂 and my very handsome husband Mike. The reception was held at Linden Place in Bristol, RI. The town has a lot of old history I just love. Dinner and dancing was held in the carriage room. It was soooo beautiful!


A lot of pictures were taken. I can not wait to see them all!! Here was Meg and I just before the reception:


We were lined up outside for the grand entrance then all of a sudden this huge barn door slid open- and there we were!hahaha  Of course I played it up- I felt like a celebrity walking in. It was so much fun.


And then introduced for the first time- Mr. and Mrs. Ian Walch!:


Aren’t they a beautiful couple?


Then a magical night of dancing:


A perfect wedding day! I am still on a high today. I miss everyone though, it went by way too fast. Thanks for letting me share everyone! 


                                                                                 Kelly  xo