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High Contrast With Oak Cabinets

September 22, 2013

oak cabinets with gentle cream


I received an email yesterday asking if I had any suggestions of a good white that would work with oak kitchen cabinets. As I stated here, I do not suggest choosing whites with woodwork because of the many different undertones of white, (you do not want to mix a pink undertone white with yellow cabinets because the two different undertones will clash together) and also because of the high contrast between the cabinets and the pale wall:

oak cabinets


See how much contrast you see between the walls and the cabinets when you choose a lighter color?

If you prefer the drama of high contrast between the walls and the cabinets, I would suggest instead of looking at whites, look at creamy beige paint colors that will work well with the oak.

oak cabinets2


You will still have the contrast, but not as stark and obvious as a white wall color:

oak cabinets3


Warm neutrals, such as Benjamin Moore Powell Buff and Monroe Bisque will work well.

I hope this helps give you more color options for your kitchen if you have oak cabinets. If you like the high contrast between the wood and the walls, use a beige color with yellow undertones for the right mix.

oak and beige


Here is a picture of another color that works with oak cabinets:

gray and oak


Dark gray! I love the oak wood with medium to darker wall colors as shown here. This color looks like Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal.

My favorite wall color I still suggest most often when working with oak cabinets, is a medium to dark green that warms up the wood:


Do you like the look of high contrast in the kitchen? Love to hear your thoughts.

If you need help choosing colors for you home, contact me today.

Beautiful Painted Pottery Barn Rooms

April 11, 2012

woodlawn blue

Woodlawn Blue HC-147

I know that everyone loves to look through these photos of Pottery Barn rooms painted in Benjamin Moore colors:


BM Mountain Lane 488


Decorators White Int.Rm.

Me too! It is a great way to get ideas and inspiration:


Mill Spring Blue HC-137

This blue-gray color is getting a lot of notice lately (it is the color on the bottom of wall):


Silver Spring 2120-50


Maple Leaf Red 2084-20

Such a beautiful color for so many different spaces:


Shaker Beige HC-45


Powell Buff HC-35

Beautiful and bright:

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4


China White Int.Rm.

You can not see the walls very well in this photo:


Cameo White 915

But the room looks so inviting. Cameo White has a tint of yellow in the color. Bed linens are the Pottery Barn Collette Paisley Duvet. So gorgeous!


Blue Bay Marina 1655

I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos. This is a great way to get ideas for your own home. Remember that the color you see in the photos are just a representation of the actual paint color. Just be sure to always test at home!

If you need help choosing colors for your home, contact me today.

You can see all the rooms painted in the new Spring collection for 2012 at Pottery Barn.

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Benjamin Moore’s Five Favorite Yellows

November 7, 2010

Benjamin Moore recently released the name of their top yellow paint colors*:

Benjamin Moore yellow paint color straw 2154-50straw (2154-50)

With its slightly orange undertone, straw brings a nice warm glow into a space, enveloping the room and making it instantly cozy.

Benjamin Moore yellow paint color hay stack 317hay stack (317)

A clean, pure yellow that reminds us of a sun-drenched day at the beach. Pair it with a soft green for a sense of calmness or a deep blue (such as yin yang 824) for a striking effect. 

Benjamin Moore yellow paint color hawthorne HC-4hawthorne yellow (HC-4)

This historical color is reflective of traditional architecture, but also works beautifully in modern homes. The slight gray undertone makes it usable in any room.

Benjamin Moore yellow paint color straw 2154-50vellum (207)

A vision of captured sunlight, vellum is a soft yellow with an illuminating quality that’s never overwhelming and always warm and welcoming. I just used this color vellum in an entryway and up the stairs in a large foyer (will post pictures soon.) 

Benjamin Moore yellow paint color honeymoon AF 345honeymoon (AF-345)

A golden yellow with brownish undertones, honeymoon can give any room a snug, cozy feeling. Depending on the lighting, it can be used as a rich, deep neutral beige.

About a month ago, I posted the blog ‘ Choosing the Right Yellow’  that discussed how difficult choosing the right yellow can be. The yellows that I chose were all yellows that I have worked with in the past and knew they passed the one main criteria test: no screaming yellow on the walls!

   File Photo

These are my best yellows:



Remember that these color samples on the computer do not look like the real color.  Honeymoon is a soft yellow with a little brown- not that beige sample above.  Look how different my honeymoon looks to BM honeymoon.  Same color.  That is why I always push you to sample paint at home!

benmoore3Kelly Bernier Designs

This room above was painted honeymoon.  See how the sunlight changes the color in the room?  Honeymoon is a yellow that will work in both light and dark spaces.

  File Photo

This room above is painted Hawthorne yellow.  I do think it is pretty, but to me it is screaming yellow on the walls.  I have found it is to bright for most clients who are usually looking for that softer yellow look.  Same for the haystack yellow below:

                                          Benjamin Moore yellow paint color hay stack 317

Pretty but also pretty bright!  I might want to test this for a baby’s room. Or maybe not,  because of over stimulating the baby!

So, are you thinking BM took my favorites, then added a couple others so we would not think they were copying? 🙂   Just be sure whatever yellow you choose that you bring it home and sample.  Only then will you know how the color will work in your lighting for your entry room, kitchen, hallway or living room.

If you need help choosing your perfect yellow, contact me today!


*Colors and descriptions taken from Benjamin Moore website.