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Inspiring Christmas Tablescapes

December 3, 2014

xmas table3


Oh so pretty! I just love looking at beautiful Holiday tablescapes and I know you do too!:

xmas table4


xmas table5


It takes a little planning to put something together as beautiful as these:

xmas table 6


I’m sure you could also set a beautiful table after you made a list of what you would need.

xmas table7


I love so many of these vignettes, but where would you ever put the food?

xmas table8


Look how gorgeous this is:

xmas table9


Love, love this one!:

xmas table10


xmas 11


Here is a close up of the one above:

xmas table11


xmas table13


So simple and so gorgeous, don’t you agree?

xmas table12


I hope you enjoyed and were able to get a few inspiring ideas for your Christmas table! I have Christmas on my mind, how about you?

Beautifully Simple Thanksgiving Centerpieces

November 15, 2012



It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is next week already! I am not entertaining any large crowds this year so I am not feeling too stressed about the Holiday this year.





Although dinner is not going to be a big deal, I still like a pretty centerpiece on the table. I am looking for real simple ideas and here are a few I found that I really like:







Remember the key word is simple!:







This might be my favorite (along with the first picture also):



Now how easy is that to put together and doesn’t it look lovely?




So pretty!!

I am going to get some berry branches and leaves and little pumpkins. I feel like doing some type of craft this weekend. Relaxing. I need relaxing things to do. Do you have plans yet?

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.



The Personality Of A Credenza

August 16, 2012

Brutalist Freeform Credenza


The credenza that first caught my eye was on my friend Sheila’s post, A Credenza Mystery in which she tracked down the history of Don Draper’s credenza used in his new office in Season Four. I love the detail! It is such a beautiful piece of furniture:



You do not hear the word ‘credenza’ used often anymore. What is the definition of a credenza? The common description of a credenza is a long, flat topped storage unit that has been in existence since the 19th century.
Credenzas can have drawers, cabinets or both and are made from a variety of woods, metal and even plastic. When I hear the word credenza this is what I always imagine:


But now they have so many names for this versatile piece of furniture:

Sofa table
TV console
Media console

Their sizes vary accordingly to what the piece is ‘named.’ For example, 74 ¾”W x 18”D x 26 ½”H is a standard size of a credenza, where as a buffet’s standard size is 31″ H x 53″ W x 18″ D.  I think that the best attribute of the credenza is its versatility to be used in so many ways.  Originally used just in the dining room, credenzas are now being used in all rooms of the home; from the living room as a television stand to an office used as a desk:


And they are even being used in the bathroom!:


While researching for this post, I went online to shop for a credenza to see how available they are and also to see the prices. I found none at Pottery BarnRestoration Hardware had a lot of sideboards but no credenzas. Ikea also had a few sideboards for sale but only one had the look I like:



Searching online Target, credenza came up as entertainment units:

Palladia  Entertainment Credenza - Cherry


Crate and Barrel was my favorite I found:



But I really did not find that personality piece I was looking for. One of the reasons I love a ‘credenza’ is for their detailed look. I am sure you could find a beautiful one if you wanted to pay in the thousands for one. Or maybe if you are lucky, you can  come across one at an estate sale or auction. I googled ‘1960 credenza’ and look at the images:



These are the credenza pieces I love! Such personality!

Do you like them? Do you have an ‘older’ version of a credenza? I think they would look great in any style room. Great for storage and another tabletop to style. Fabulous!

If you need finding the perfect piece for your home, contact me today.

Beautiful Painted Pottery Barn Rooms

April 11, 2012

woodlawn blue

Woodlawn Blue HC-147

I know that everyone loves to look through these photos of Pottery Barn rooms painted in Benjamin Moore colors:


BM Mountain Lane 488


Decorators White Int.Rm.

Me too! It is a great way to get ideas and inspiration:


Mill Spring Blue HC-137

This blue-gray color is getting a lot of notice lately (it is the color on the bottom of wall):


Silver Spring 2120-50


Maple Leaf Red 2084-20

Such a beautiful color for so many different spaces:


Shaker Beige HC-45


Powell Buff HC-35

Beautiful and bright:

Hawthorne Yellow HC-4


China White Int.Rm.

You can not see the walls very well in this photo:


Cameo White 915

But the room looks so inviting. Cameo White has a tint of yellow in the color. Bed linens are the Pottery Barn Collette Paisley Duvet. So gorgeous!


Blue Bay Marina 1655

I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos. This is a great way to get ideas for your own home. Remember that the color you see in the photos are just a representation of the actual paint color. Just be sure to always test at home!

If you need help choosing colors for your home, contact me today.

You can see all the rooms painted in the new Spring collection for 2012 at Pottery Barn.

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Another Happy Revere Pewter Customer

August 9, 2011


House Beautiful

Whenever I am asked what my favorite gray color is, the first gray that jumps to mind is Ben Moore Revere Pewter HC-172.

I love it because it is such a warm gray and it works so well in many different rooms in the home.This gray works just as well in a kitchen as it does in the living room.                                                              

Kelly Bernier Designs


We know what a great neutral gray is and revere pewter is no exception. You can pair with blues, greens, blacks, and orange. But unlike a lot of other grays, you can use revere pewter with dark brown.


So when my new friend Rosie contacted me for an online color consultation, she asked me if I could suggest a pretty color for her dining room that would work with her artwork and existing furnishings.  She had painted the kitchen, which is visible from the dining room, with Ben Moore Flora AF-470, (a green), that we also had to work with. The before color on the wall below is Interlude AF-135.  She felt the color was reading too ‘pink’ on the walls and also boring.  She contacted me to help her because she knew the look she wanted but needed help with her color choices.


As you can see, the black furniture and the artwork would work beautifully with a gray and Rosie was excited to try a gray.  I looked at various grays with the Flora color and I kept coming back to the Revere Pewter because I have worked with it before and I knew it was a beautiful color. Plus it looked great with the kitchen color Flora. Another gray we looked at was Chelsea Gray HC-168. It also went well with the kitchen color, but we thought it might be too dark with the flooring and furniture.

After painting with revere pewter:

photo (12)

photo (9)

photo (10)

Don’t you think it came out beautiful?  It looks so fresh and clean. Rosie loves it and so do I.  Rosie: “WOW!   I love the Revere Pewter!  It is so pretty and goes great with Flora. The Manchester looks very nice also.  Even my husband who was very bitter because of  repainting loves it.  I am very happy!  All the rooms flow well now.  Thank you so much!  You are awesome!  I will send some pics when the sun goes down more for better lighting.  Thank you Kelly!”

Another Happy Revere Pewter Customer!


If you need help choosing the right paint color for your home, contact me today!


Online Dining Room Color Help

June 13, 2011

Pinned Image


Last week I had an online color consultation with a sweet, young girl named Meg.  Her and her boyfriend had just moved into their first apartment and did not have a lot of money to spend. She had written to me asking if I could give her suggestions for her apartment dining room.


“I think any advice on how to clean up/brighten/freshen up the dining room would be great! We don’t really use it that often, but maybe if it was more welcoming, we would. We do have the Ben Moore color Cork (2153-40) painted in the living room.”


That is a good thing the landlord allows them to paint. Obviously we had to work with the cork color because the living room is so visible from the dining room.  The first color that came to mind was black.  Black and cork look so great together!  But I doubted she wanted black dining room walls.

One suggestions is to go lighter on the color strip to desert tan 2153-50 or rich cream 2153-60.

Desert Tan                                                     Rich Cream

Another suggestion would be the complementary color(the color opposite on the color wheel)of yellow-orange which would be a blue-violet color such as wild orchid 2072-40:

Wild Orchid                                                         Cork

I love the orchid but we will have to see what the boyfriend thinks!  Another color I think would work beautifully is a bluish gray called Solitude AF-545:

Pottery Barn-benjamin moore aura paint solitude

(Color here looks bluer than actual color)

I also gave her suggestions for great looking, but inexpensive window treatments:

Product ImageTarget- $19.99

Look at this great Dwell tablecloth at Target For $19.99 here:  Love it!!DwellStudio® for Target® Blossom Tablecloth - 90" Round


Saxon Table Runner and Four Placematsoverstock.com  $23.99

For future projects (when money allows), I suggested to change the chandelier lighting fixture to something a bit more updated:

Three Tone Leaves 13 1/2" Wide Black Swag Chandelier lampsplus.com-  $129.99 (free shipping)


George Kovacs Etched Glass Diffuser Mini Pendant ChandelierLampsplus.com  $130.91 (free shipping)

For this wall, I suggested trying the large black armoire currently on the other side of the room to this wall:


If that doesn’t work, a buffet or console table on this wall would be great with a lamp and mirror that will also work in her new home someday:

Avington Console Table - Dark TobaccoTarget.com  $119.99 or:

Lachlan Glossy Black Sofa Table Overstock.com  $104.99

Cut-Corner Square Mirror Edge 21 1/2" Wide Wall Mirrorlampsplus.com  $99.98

lampsplus- $69.91 (free shipping)

I also gave her a good tip for now and future use: The pictures you have hanging on the wall (below) should be brought together to make them more of an impact instead of just floating on the wall separately.  I usually suggest leaving a 2” space between them.


Do you see that funky crown molding?  This looks like an older home.  She has it decorated so cute!  I think painting the walls would be my top suggestion to really make the space come alive, and freshen and brighten up the room like she requested.  Then as the budget allows, purchase a tablecloth or runner that she loves and window treatments. I tried to give her different inexpensive solutions.  I remember when I lived in my first apartment, I could barely afford food!  I feel she has a good head on her shoulders that she trusted herself to pay for a consultation knowing that in the long run it will save her a lot of headaches, money and time.


If you need affordable help updating your space,contact me today!

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