Just A Little More Christmas Decorating

December 11, 2012


I told you I felt like bursting out with holiday décor when the Christmas season decorating began! I do not usually decorate as much as I have this year:


As I mentioned here, since I was so busy this past Fall, I wanted to make it up with decorating for the Holidays. Between the condo and my home, I realized that I no longer have a mantel to decorate. In its place, I decided to make a variety of vignettes!






Last year at this time I was not into decorating much (as you can see with last year’s tree that I printed off of the computer and hung up on the wall):

condoxmas 018

Well this year I stepped it up a little bit and bought a small tree instead:


I love it! Turning on the lights make me smile every time I walk in the room. I am feeling very happy lately and I am so excited for Christmas! It must be that special Christmas magic.

But now I noticed there is only 15 days left until Christmas Day and I had better get shopping! Are you finished decorating? Shopping? Wrapping??


  1. Love this!!! Makes me want to go home and decorate my house! 🙂 Thanks for all of the great ideas–love the red plate and ordaments and the blue/green decorations! Great job!!

  2. So you too are going wild with decorating a new home for Christmas! {wink!} I LOVE it all! Your vignettes are all so pretty. I love how you mixed in so many pretty colors/ornaments.

    Thanks for sharing! So much prettier than a computer generated tree 🙂

  3. so pretty Kelly. You have been one busy elf! Other than an undecorated wreath on the door and a half decorated tree, I have a LONG way to go. Hopefully this weekend I can get some decorating done.

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