Hale Navy To The Rescue!

January 5, 2013



If you have been following along with me, you know that I am in crazy love with the color navy which I wrote about here, here, and here.

Benjamin Moore Hale Navy HC-154 is one of my favorite navy paint colors out there. This week I had a little time to play, so I took my can of Hale Navy around the house to see what I could paint! Remember my office I am working on?:

I like the California Paint Appleton painted walls, I just felt they were a bit boring. Hale Navy to the rescue!:


I love it so much more now!

What else could I find to paint? Well, this mirror in the guest room has been bothering me a bit:


I was not in love with the blue I used to paint this mirror over about a year ago. Looks to me like a fun and easy paint project!


Doesn’t the green Frog Tape look so pretty with the blue? (Thanks to Carol over at The Design Pages, I found the perfect paint tape- FrogTape. It works so well masking, that I would not use anything else now.)




I think it is so pretty now!


And one more project I could not resist, my bulletin board:


I masked the edges well with Frog Tape:



Now I have an original bulletin board:



I still have so many projects for my office (flooring, bookshelves), but I already feel happier when I walk in!

Have you had time for any fun little paint projects lately? Love to hear about them!

P.S. If you want a shinier finish on the accessories you paint, you can always rub a little wax, such as Annie Sloan wax, on the surface and then buff to a bright finish.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Navy is and always has been one of my favorite colors too.I love your new Navy office wall and mirror. I guess I’ll just have to paint my green bulletin board in MY office so that it matches yours..haha.

  2. I love the paint combination on the walls in your office! Is there a Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint color equivalent to Appleton?

  3. Kelly, one of my traditional, classic favorite navy combinations of all time is: dark navy and yellow! What do you think?

  4. loving the results! I do like it when I make changes that make me happier.—-color can do this for me, or changes in curtains, pictures, moving furniture etc 😉

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