Decorating With Boxwood

November 27, 2012


This past Fall Season was so busy for me, I really did not decorate too much for Autumn or Thanksgiving. The day after a quiet Thanksgiving this year, I was ready to go decorate something! Let the Christmas decorating begin!


Have you ever worked with boxwood when making floral arrangements? I think it is the prettiest green branch out there! I would buy the boxwood decorated Christmas trees more often at the florist’s, but they are very expensive- on average $100.00 per tree. But they are so beautiful!:

I gave instructions here on making your own boxwood,evergreen and pine wreath. It came out beautifully and lasted into January.

This year I found boxwood branches sold in bunches at Shaw’s Supermarket for only six dollars. So I collected my stuff together and choose my container:



Next fill the bottom of the container with floral oasis soaked for at least an hour in water for fresh flower arranging. Cut the stems to desired height and fill in with branches until you achieve a look you like:


I could decorate it with little balls and ribbon if I choose, but for now I like how it looks:


I found them very easy to make. A tip I found useful was a that good place to start putting the branches in is the middle of the container first.


Then fill around until you achieve the fullness you are happy with.


Simple and beautiful. They will last for a long time into the season if taken care of and watered. Have you worked with boxwood branches this year? Can you make a boxwood decorated tree like you find at the florists? I tried one years ago in a class and I remember it being the ugliest in the class. haha I will have to give it a try again someday.




  1. Love, love boxwood but it is usually SO expensive! I’ll look at my supermarket to see if I can find some.. Love the dish you used!

  2. I love the look of boxwood, but haven’t actually worked with it myself. Funny though, just yesterday I was thinking of giving it a go this year to try something different. You have inspired me! Your arrangements look great, and I like the simplicity of them, too! 🙂

  3. I’ve never tried boxwood but yup, I could do a florist’s-styled arrangement. I got lucky—I learned floral arranging many years ago in 4-H 🙂

    BTW your arrangements are very nice! I especially like the one in the coffee cup.

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