Color Ideas For After Holiday Blues

January 12, 2013



Do you feel your space is a little boring and blue since you took down all of your Christmas decorations?



I finally got to taking down the tree and all the trimmings this week. Things have seemed just been a little off, since my mother in law passed away the other day. While looking at my (now) empty and decoration-less room, I thought of her and how much she loved flowers. Using that as inspiration and knowing how they used to make her smile, I decided to purchase a $10 bouquet to help cheer up the room.



Flowers make any room instantly happier, don’t you agree?



Another simple, inexpensive way to bring more life to any room is fresh new pillows:



How about bringing in the color of the year?

Throw pillow cover emerald green and ivory 18" x 18"


Look how pretty these pillows are from Target:

Mard Toss Pillow Collection

A trend I love that is becoming popular and is another inexpensive way to bring in color is painting interior doors:




Aren’t they beautiful!? I always suggest using a gloss finish paint, not matte, and to be sure to test a sample of the paint color before committing to the whole door.



I think painting an interior door will bring instant personality and color to any boring and gloomy space! Another project I have to try!



Does anyone have other ideas to share that will bring some color indoors now?

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend my friends!


If you need help bringing color into your home, contact me today.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I agree that flowers always bring light and beauty into a room. As for the colors I am pulling in pillows! I too want to try to paint my interior doors! I think that is going to be my next project! Great inspiration!

  2. Sorry for your loss Kelly. Love the idea of painting interior doors…don’t know if I’d be brave enough to try it.

  3. great ideas Kelly! Painting the interior of my front door in a glossy blue green is on my “to do” list this year. Also, so sorry to hear of your Mother in law’s passing. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  4. So sad to hear about your mother in law.
    I’m totally on board with you using flowers to brighten up spaces. Bouquets can often be separated into several smaller ones and you get more bang for your buck. I have 3 green spider mums in clear milk bottle-shaped vases. They’re lasting surprising long and it was well worth the $3 at Walmart :-)Should have bought more 😉

    Another great way to bring color into your home is by holding a gathering with fun/colorful friends! We recently held a game night to do just that.

  5. So sorry to hear about your mother in law Kelly.. Flowers always add such a nice touch and it’s one of those things i keep saying I’m going to do every week but somehow never happens… Love the yellow door in your inspiration photo!

    • (sent through email)-
      I love your blog so much. it is always a quick pick me up during my day. I have a question about painting interior door, which looks super in the picture…..should it be the same color as the outside? My outside is red, and the room it opens to( living room)is a soft, soft light green, which opens to a dining room that is emerald. its a cottage with plaster walls, heavy wood doors, lots of cute characteristics such as arched entries, step down sun-room, dentil crown molding, etc.
      any thoughts on interior door color? This is interior of front door i am speaking of.
      My answer:
      Thank you for all your kind words Joanie! Your picture you sent did not come through but no, your interior door does not have to be the same color. We never see them at the same time, right? So I think it can be two totally different colors. You said that your living room opens up to your dining room- how about painting the door the same emerald green as the dining room? It will look like you planned in that way to create flow between the rooms. What do you think?
      Hope this helps!

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