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Finding The Right Accessory At Home

May 22, 2016

This past week I was in the mood for a little decorating project! I decided to change up a guest room:


I know it is fine as it is, but I like moving stuff around and changing things up, don’t you? (I can see a few of you shaking your head yes!)Read More

High Point 2015: Spotting the Trends

October 19, 2015

What a wonderful experience! I made sure I did a little researching before I went so that I would not be overwhelmed by the size of the Market. I read up where previous style spotters suggested to visit to get the most out of my few days there. The three buildings that were on my must see list was the IHFC building:


IHFC, International Home Furnishings Center, features the industry’s top manufacturers. Perhaps the most sought-after location within IHFC is InterHall. Located on the first floor, this venue showcases the freshest ideas in home fashion from select up-and-coming exhibitors.

The Transportation Terminal building was my next stop where my favorite stores were located including Surya:


Beautiful bedding, soft goods and accessories galore! Lighting, rugs, ottomans and more! This is where I was fortunate to meet Candice Olson. She is just as funny and nice in real life as on TV.


And the third building on my list was Market Square:


Five floors of unique upscale showrooms in a beautiful former furniture factory that has been transformed into a beautiful exhibition space. Presenting all product categories in more than 100 showrooms.

I hope I was able to give you a visual picture of the buildings I visited. And here are the top trends I spotted:

Organic. Everywhere. I asked the question before I left for market here, “Are geometric textures and organic forms still popular going forward?” The answer is a very definite yes! It was just everywhere in tables, lighting and accessories. I would say it was the most popular ‘trend’ in all of the displays:


branches hp

organic lamps

And wood tones are coming back in our desire to bring nature indoors! I will tell you more on that subject later this week.

The colors that continue to stand strong are turquoise and dark blues:

turquiose desk

Can you see the turquoise lining inside the lamp? I loved it. I did spot quite a bit of rose colored accents and orange is still hot for accent pieces. Grays are still very popular especially mixed with warm taupes and creams:


Poufs and ottomans were also shown in many displays. A wide variety of colors and styles including organic. Very popular at market.

blue market

I really loved that ottoman in the photo above. What struck me was the bright white base with an off-white fabric. Another new trend?


The recycling movement is huge, huge, huge! Reduce, recycle, reuse. It was everywhere at the market.

For example, I saw quite a few book displays in color to use for your home shelving. These books were going to be thrown out by the library and were instead made into works of art:

colored books


Also very popular are items made from old bicycles:


recycler table


Very cool. Do not throw those old bikes away!

Here was an interesting idea on recycling:

paint cans

Using old paint cans as artwork:

paint mirror


What’s new in lighting? Well, outdoor lighting of course:

outdoor lamp

inside outdoor lamp

Do you see the waterproof jar over the light bulb? Genius.

Are starburst mirrors still trending? Yes, they were in many of the showrooms. I fell in love with love this mirror from the John Richard Collection:

sunna mirror

If you would like to read more on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ at High Point Market, there is a wealth of information here. Next time I will share with you my time with Candice Olson and her thoughts on neutrals, blue-green paint colors and much more!

Any other questions you are wondering about what was trending at Market?

Redecorating and Rearranging

October 3, 2015

Do you like to play with your arrangements and move your stuff around, for no obvious reason except that it is fun? Me too! Like this little corner today:

corner plant

It looked fine and the plant filled the corner nicely. But I was never a fan of this plant because it has prickly leaves that are sharp! Not very good Feng Shui by the doorway. So I moved the plant out and looked around for other ideas to fill the space: book corner See the wall to the left of the door? Have you ever seen so many light switches?? I can not hang something right over them because they are used. So I try to hide them the best I can: book corner2 I like the bookshelf but not crazy about the whole look. Then I remembered my blog post from the other day, Creating A Cozy Corner and thought I would give that a try here: corner chair I like it! The chair works well with the other furnishings in the room. corner I am happy with how it came out. New scenery and it did not cost a thing. Plus it was fun! I also went for a drive today and look who is back in town: brady brady2 The Pumpkin People! It is a yearly Fall event in Jackson, NH where local businesses compete for first place for the best display of a Pumpkin People scene. I love going to all the different ones and taking pictures. Good inspiration if you are looking for ideas: mad hatter I think this was my favorite: despic despic2 So very talented! Bales of hay and pumpkins: despic3 misfits I hope you are enjoying the weekend everyone!

How Was Your 4th?

July 6, 2015

What did you do over the summer Holiday weekend? I enjoyed reading on my porch most of the time,( The Innocent by Harlan Coben, good book and great author) The weather was gorgeous! DSCN8379[1] I did a few small indoor projects, but most of my time now I like spending outdoors in my garden: DSCN8382[1] DSCN8385[1] We enjoyed fireworks every night from our deck over the weekend: DSCN8359[1] DSCN8343[1] DSCN8349[1] DSCN8351[1] DSCN8364[1] DSCN8339[1] DSCN8342[1] So much fun trying different techniques with my camera! And we saw beautiful sunsets: DSCN8316[1] DSCN8318[1] That is another thing I love spending my time on outdoors- taking pretty pictures: DSCN8386[1] DSCN8328[1]  Indoors, I do have a bedroom project that is coming together nicely: DSCN8372[1] We had a great weekend relaxing in New Hampshire. How about you? Are you enjoying the warm weather? Life is precious. Enjoy everyday! Kelly  

Spring Tablescape Photos

June 16, 2015

spring table

I found these photos I had taken a couple months ago of a Spring tablescape I had made:

spring table3

I worked hard taking the pictures because the scene was just so beautiful:

spring table10


Every time I would come in the room, I would smile and say, “It looks so pretty!” The pictures are far from perfect, but I think they are pretty good and I wanted to share with you:

spring table12

spring table5

spring table6

spring table8

spring table9

spring table11

What do you think? Do you like taking photos of your stuff? I really enjoy and want to get better and better!