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Do Area Rugs Work Over Carpet?

October 21, 2015

A question I get asked quite often is, “ Can an area rug be placed over carpet?”

rug over carpet


I have always suggested that if either rug was not very thick, then yes, you can make it work. For instance, I think natural-fiber rugs like jute or sisal can work very well for layering.



Berber rugs will also usually work because they have a thin pile. BUT, I would not try an area rug over a thicker rug like shag.







The reason this subject just came up again was because my sister asked me this same question. She wanted to bring more color into the room with an area rug and wondered how it would look. Her carpet is not thick so I told her to give it a try. And look how nice it came out!:

jill rug

Brings a lot of color in, doesn’t it?

So yes, I do think using an area rug over a carpet can work well in a room.

Do you agree readers? Have you tried to layer an area rug over carpet in your home?

How Popular Are The 2015 Top Chosen Colors?

June 4, 2015

Every year I wonder if the colors that were chosen by the major paint companies for the top spot of the year, actually become more popular with the consumer. Let’s take a look how this years colors are faring:

Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2015, Guilford Green HC-116:

guilford green


guilford green bedroom


(Do you see the difference in the two above photos wall color because of lighting? Always be sure to test at home!) These photos were all taken recently. When I first wrote about the color of the year when it was announced here, it was difficult finding photos of walls painted with Guilford Green. Now you can find quite a few rooms online:





Even exteriors:

guilford green exterior


Yes, I think Guilford Green is much more popular now!

What about Sherwin Williams Coral Reef SW 6606?:

Coral Reef


Such a beautiful color. Did you know the coral color comes from pink, orange and red?

CoralReef bedroom


coral reef wall


I could not find any entire rooms painted in Coral Reef, only a few accent walls. But the accessories in coral are hot! This is my favorite photo using Coral Reef:

coral door



What about Pantone 18-1438 Marsala?



I do not think this color was intended for the walls. I have seen accessories in the color Marsala:

marsala accessories


Do you think Marsala has caught on yet? Do you like the color better than when it was first announced?

So, yes I believe Guilford Green is a color that has been accepted by the consumer as a wall color. Accessories only in Coral Reef and Marsala. The year is not half over yet, maybe things will change. Stay tuned!

Excessive Architectural Details

April 13, 2015

Sometimes a good thing can be overdone. That’s what I found when I visited a model home this past week in Sarasota, FL. The designer had used quite a bit of molding to stage the home: model dining room In my opinion, it is a little too much in the room above. Maybe if the high wall treatment and the trey ceiling were not both done so ornate. Do you agree? Or do you like how the room looks with all of the molding? Interesting to hear your thoughts. I love the color choices.  (I do think they should have put a little more budget into the window treatments as they are quite thin now. I would suggest much fuller panels to help soften up the room.) What do you think of this decorative fence in the bedroom?: fence I think it is creative, but is it an accident waiting to happen? Especially in a boy’s room. I can just see my son Kyle when he was young. He would try to pull them off the wall and probably poke his eye! I do think this molding width and height is a bit too big and bulky for this room: blue bedroom I do love architectural molding! I am just pointing out what is not working in these examples. As I am going through the pictures I took at the model home, I am having a hard time not critiquing for you. This was not how the blog started. I am showing you examples of molding not done correctly and not pleasing in the room. What do you think of the molding in this bedroom?: sarasota master I do like the color combination. One of my most popular posts ever was Creating Architectural Details. It is about a reader who shared her spectacular and original architectural design with us using molding: Kathleen Now this is molding done right. Just beautiful! She did a  great job making the room unique. This is a good example of good architectural design. In that post I displayed many photos of rooms where the molding was done right. One more photo of molding I do not find appealing: mirrored molding I think the wall would have been much prettier left alone without the molding. And if you where wondering if these photos are all from the same house, yes they are. Too much or just right? These comments are all my opinion. They may not be shared by all. Thanks for stopping by!

Update For Spring Using Coral Accessories

March 19, 2015

Looking to freshen up your rooms this Spring? Still trending BIG this year is the color coral:

coral flower


Coral is a beautiful color to refresh and lighten up any room. A color combination I am in love with now is coral, navy blue and mineral blue:



I also am loving coral and turquoise together:

coral & turq


Unlike last Spring, coral colored accessories now are easy to find and at great prices. New towels for the bath:

coral towel


Pillows for the sofa and bed:



coral pillow


Or a throw for the living room or bedroom:

coral throw2


Wouldn’t that blanket above look beautiful folded at the end of your bed?



The picture above shows how well coral works with many other colors. Including browns:

coral mushroom


coral bed


And grays:

coral gray


(Winter Day by Behr, Simply White by Benjamin Moore, Coral Gables by Benjamin Moore, Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore).

coral drawers


White & Coral!:

coral door


And of course all shades of blue:

coral and blue2


coral and bluea


Look how nice coral goes with green and blue:

coral blue and green


Wouldn’t these chairs be fun and exciting in your kitchen or dining room:

coral chair


Ballard Design even carries coral fabric at pretty good prices:

coral fabric

coral fabric two


Or how about a beautiful, new rug for your entry or living room:

coral rug


What do you think of the color coral? Do you agree that it is a great color to help bring Spring indoors this year? We certainly are deserving of a happy, bright color to bring in the warmth!

Tip For Finishing Painted Edges

August 20, 2014

As careful and neat as you try to be, doesn’t it always seem that when painting a room, you end up with rough looking edges?:


You take such care in using the best tape to try to get a nice, straight even edge without the paint bleeding through. But most of the time, it still comes out with edges like this:


So my husband and I thought of an idea to clean up those bad edges. We used a bead of silicone to run along the trim edge:


Doesn’t the edge look so much better now? A nice clean, straight edge:


Just a couple tips to remember:

*   Use a silicone in a color that matches your trim well and will blend in. There are many different shades and tints on the market today.

*   I would not use a shiny silicone for the job. A flat or matte finish would be best. If the line is too shiny, that will call attention to it which you do not want.

You just want to look at a pretty window without the distraction of badly painted edges!

A good idea? What do you think?


Quick Crown Molding Paint Question

July 16, 2014



I recently received a letter from a reader questioning if she should paint her crown molding the same color as the ceiling paint color, the trim color or the wall color to make the ceiling look taller and NOT look lower.



I did not have a picture of her room to base my advice on but gave her an answer that is the general rule for most circumstances:

A crown molding that is painted a different color than the walls may make the ceiling seem even lower because the highlighted molding draws the eyes to it. Also, if the molding is painted a different color than the walls, especially if the molding is painted the same as the ceiling color, it will make the ceiling look lower.

My advice to her was in this case, you might want to paint the crown molding and walls to match so the molding will be a continuation of the wall and the ceilings will not look shorter.



See how the room looks taller in the above photo with the crown molding painted the same color as the wall?

I hope this helps. I love crown molding and believe the extra detail in a room looks stunning!

If you need help decorating your home, contact me today.